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Natural Antacid Foods And Drinks: How To Make An Antacid At Home?

If you experience acidity in the stomach, then there is a solution for that and that is consuming food or drink containing antacid. Antacids can have two kinds of affect on the body; first they neutralize the production of acid in stomach and second antacids simply lessen the production of acid.

Acid present in stomach reacts with the food consumed and passes it down to the intestine, thus completing the digestion process.

For proper digestion, acid is quite important, though there can be cases where one experiences minor problems like gastritis or heartburn. A lot of people complaint about heartburn after drinking alcohol, coffee or tea, or even after consuming spicy food. In most of the cases this would be just a temporary condition which can last for a short period, but if one suffers from chronic heartburn, then it can be certainly miserable situation for the people.

Therefore, one must understand the reason behind heartburn and how exactly antacids can ease the problem.

When we eat something, it goes through the food pipe in our body also called as esophagus and reaches the stomach. And as it is meant to be, the food doesn’t goes back to the food pipe as there is a valve attached to the esophagus at the bottom. It is the main cause that stops juices of the stomach from re-entering the esophagus. But if the valve weakens, there are chances that the juices re-enter the lower ends of esophagus. And then the acid combined with stomach juices may inflame the esophagus, thus leading to heartburn.


Which Foods And Drinks Are Natural Antacids?

It is possible to reduce heartburn by altering your lifestyle, eating healthy food, as well as by consuming pharmacologically prepared antacids. However, there are also some natural home remedies which are quite effective and can be used to ease the condition. And the fact is that natural antacids are not accompanied by any kind of side effect as opposed to commercially available antacids. The antacids include the food that we eat.

  • Milk: Milk is a powerful antacid that can diminish the production of acid in the stomach cells. Calcium is an important content of the milk and a lot of commercially prepared antacids have calcium as one of their ingredients as it is known to curb hyper-acidity. What milk basically does is it lines the stomach and lessens the secretion of acid.
  • Bananas: If there will be excessive acidity in the stomach, then banana intake will surely neutralize it by simply coating the stomach lining. It however depends on the quality of bananas that the acidity will reduce. Even symptoms like heartburn will be treated effectively with bananas.
  • Carrot Juice: Gastritis is treated properly by drinking carrot juice along with spinach intake. Just mix half of carrot juice with half of spinach juice and drink it in the morning every morning, especially if you have heartburn.
  • Almonds: These are natural antacids as they have oil in them that neutralizes the acid. Just eat 5-6 almonds daily as snack to avoid acidity.
  • Apples: If you are experiencing a burning sensation in your stomach then you can reduce it by eating apples. You can mash the apples so as to make the swallowing process easy. Apples are natural antacids.

Tips To Make Natural Antacid At Home

You can prepare natural antacid at home in order to cure the burning stomach pain.

  • Aloe Vera Juice: It is a miracle product that can treat acidity and various other problems. The treatment is known for curing the burning stomach. So, you can drink just an ounce of aloe Vera juice everyday to treat the problem.
  • Mixture Of Honey, Lemon Juice And Water: Prepare the mixture in a glass of lukewarm water and drink it early in the morning to fight acidity. This natural treatment will offer great results for hyper-acidity.
  • Baking Soda: It is an excellent natural antacid that can cure heartburn easily. Just mix half teaspoon baking soda in water and mix it well. As it contains sodium bicarbonate, it reduces the discomfort associated with heartburn and cures acidity.
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What Are The Causes Of Gurgling In Throat And How Can You Stop It?

Gurgling in throat can be extremely frightening for a person. Nonetheless, in maximum number of cases there is no reason to worry much. A lot of people experience a gurgle in stomach which they neglect.

For novice, gurgle is that bubbling sound which is similar to the water coming out of a bottle. Adults or even children can experience gurgling sound in throat at any point of time.

The fact is gurgling is a sign that can be caused due to a number of reasons. With the particular rumbling noise, one can also experience other symptoms like nausea. There can be a lot of causes for the gurgling. And once you determine the exact cause for gurgling, then only you will be able to stop this.


Causes Of Gurgling Sound In Throat

Gurgling sound in throat is quite common and a lot of people experience this at some point of time in their lives. There can be numerous factors causing the gurgling. People having cough accompanied with expectoration can experience this condition. Another cause for this condition is reflux acid. Basically a little quantity of gastric content gets drained down into the lower part of esophagus, the pipe which pushes food ahead to enter the stomach. There is a sphincter present at the base of esophagus which stops the food from entering into the stomach. And in case sphincter is not able to do so, the gastric content goes back into the esophagus. It can also reach to the throat and even mouth. It is when that a person can hear gurgling sound in throat. This is most commonly experienced when a person bends or remains in supine state.

There can be times where gurgling sound in the throat indicates of something trapped inside the throat. You might have swallowed foreign body. Particularly in children, you must be extremely careful. A person with repressed emotions will also face such an issue. But this can be the only cause after all the causes have been ruled out.

Ways To Stop Gurgling Noise In Throat

In maximum number of cases, gurgling in throat stops after a short period. Nonetheless, this can be an extremely embarrassing situation for most. In case you are constantly facing the issue, proper care is needed. Knowing the underlying cause of the problem is important for treating the issue. Like if the problem has been caused because of sputum in throat caused by cough, then it can be cured only with the help of medicines. Even the sputum would loosen out due to steam inhalation.

In case the reason is acid reflux then it would be accompanied by a burning sensation in the chest. The patient should avoid eating spicy food or bending much as for the treatment is concerned. Lying down in left lateral position can be a great remedy. And in case there is a history of foreign body, emergency care is needed and a patient should be admitted in hospital.

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Causes Of Lie Bumps On The Tongue And Treatment For Painful Bumps

Lie bumps are those white or red bumps which emerge onto the surface of tongue. This condition is not contagious and it is accompanied with a sense of pain as well as irritation.

The most common causes leading to this condition are deficiency of Vitamin B, too much scraping of tongue because of sharp edges of food, as well as cleaning of tongue. And what could really ease the condition is cold compression. Other than that, drinking cold water and gargling with salt water can really ease the condition.

And just like a common belief, never confuse ‘lie bump on tongue’ with telling lies. This terminology is meant for ‘transient lingual papillitis’. Lie bumps are tiny white bumps that appear on the tongue, probably for a small period of time.

Even the medical researchers have not been able to know the major cause for appearance of lie bumps on tongue. What affect this more is the little taste buds present on the tongue. Anyway the lie bumps aren’t that painful; but in case they get majorly inflamed then they can be really painful. With lie bumps, it can be a little difficult to chew food. But they aren’t contagious and do not pose any risk to your health.


Causes Of Lie Bumps On The Tongue

When the tiny papillae present on surface of tongue get inflamed or irritated, lie bumps appear. The most common reasons taken for the formation of lie bumps on tongue are scraping of food and excessive rubbing when cleaning tongue.

Another possible reason for lie bumps is said to be deficiency of vitamin B. Mental stress, gastric indigestion, hormonal imbalances, or even consumption of acidic food can result in formation of lie bumps.

The reason for development of lie bumps can be intake of hot drink. These can irritate or burn the tongue’s upper surface and even the inner mouth

Symptoms Of Lie Bumps

Inflammation of taste buds leads to lie bumps. These bumps stay for some time and heal on their own after some time. And the signs or symptoms accompanying the condition are mild, yet infuriating. These bumps are painful and can hinder the process of eating and drinking. The tenderness can settle down after some time. When you will not irritate the tongue, the lie bump would go away.

Treatment Of Painful Lie Bumps On Tongue

The doctors can just give reassurance of lie bumps getting healed all by themselves. Nonetheless, there are some great remedies that can be sought to heal lie bumps on tongue.

  • Cold compresses are the best healing remedy meant for treatment of lie bumps on tongue. In fact a vanilla ice cream can provide relief. Coldness of ice can numb the tongue and provide relaxation.
  • Gargling with warm salt solution can be of great help as it can ease the pain.
  • An age old remedy for treatment of lie bumps is mint leaves. Simply chew a few mint leaves as it will relieve the pain.
  • Just don’t scrub the tongue and avoid any kind of trauma to your tongue.
  • Drink boiled milk in combination with figs to treat lie bumps.
  • You should intake supplements containing Vitamin B, particularly green leafy vegetables and foods as this would ease the condition.
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What Are The Causes For Swollen Painful Boils On The Nose And Remedies For It

A localized infection hair follicle and even the area around it, is known as a boil. It is a bump under the skin just like an overgrown pimple, and is red, swollen, and painful.

A boil is filled with pus. Caused because of staphylococcus bacteria, these can form anywhere on your body but most likely they can occur in armpits, buttocks, face, chest, thighs, back, ear, shoulders, lips, and nose. Boils, particularly nose boils require attention of the medical practitioners as not taking an immediate care can cause a lot of complications.

Nose boils can be really risky as the veins present in nose are connected to the brain. And in case the infection spreads and reaches the brain via those veins, it can result in a fatal issue like cavernous sinus.


Causes Of Nose Boils

Nose is an important organ that can filter the inhaled viruses as well as bacteria. As there are tiny, little hair present in the nasal area, they clean the bacterials like staphylococcus aureus. Nose boils happen due to bacteria staphylococcus aureus and other bacteria in the nasal area as well as membrane of nose. Nose boils can be extremely painful and they must be addressed immediately. Some people can get nose boils repeatedly. Take a look at some reasons that can cause nose boils:

  • Nose picking particularly with dirty hands can cause nose boils. This way, the bacteria will go way deeper into the nose, thus causing a major damage.
  • Some people have a habit of blowing their nose, which can also cause nose boils.
  • Patients with conditions like diabetes, malnutrition, as well as obesity are at risk of nose boils.
  • If you squeeze the boils a lot, it can even spread to the surrounding areas.

Home Remedies For Nose Boils

In a lot of cases, nose boils heal on their own in some time. But in case they do not heal down in time, they will become painful. So in order to ease the pain and reduce swelling, you can follow a few home remedies other than taking usual antibiotics recommended by the doctor.

  • Use a wet cloth to do warm compresses on the nose at least four times as this can help ripen the boil quickly. Also, the pus will get drained.
  • You should not squeeze or scratch the boil as the infection can spread to other parts.
  • Consume garlic or onion juice to treat the nose boils naturally. Simply apply the juice on the boil as it will drain the pus easily.
  • Another effective remedy for treatment of nose boils is bitter gourd. Drink juice made of bitter gourd mixed with lemon juice to drain the pus from nose boils.
  • In case the boil grows and doesn’t responds to any home remedy, just visit your doctor as he will surgically remove it.
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What Are The Causes Of Peeling Palms And Home Remedies For It?

Skin is the largest organ of a human’s body and it accounts for about 16% of the weight. It executes different significant roles like acting as a bridge between external surroundings as well as environment of the body.

Depending on the location as well as function, the characteristics of skin differs. A person’s hands have two kinds of skin, one is palmar i.e. the palm and other is dorsal i.e. located in the dorsum.

Both the skins are different. The palmar skin is glabrous, not much pliable, and thick. The skin is fixed to the fascia through different fibers set vertically. It also comprises of sensory nerve organs that perform functions like sensing and grasping.

Now the peeling of palmar means loss of epidermis i.e. skin’s upper layer. Sometimes, peeling of skin can occur due to an infection or even an underlying disease.

Peeling Skin

Causes Of Peeling Palms

  • Peeling palms has a lot of symptoms associated with it which includes rashes, itchiness, dryness, burning sensation, redness, pain, and alike. There can be a lot of reasons why peeling skin of palmar peels off, and some of the disorders concerned with the disorder are:
  • Exfoliative keratolysis: Also popular as focal palm peeling, it is a condition where palmar skin peels off severely and is followed by formation of air-filled blisters on the fingers as well as palms. Eczema can also cause the blisters which can lead to peeling up off palm.
  • Psoriasis: Psoriasis is a condition that can affect other body parts as well, but it is common cause for peeling of skin of palms. There are a lot of reasons for this condition, which includes genes, stress, bacteria, medications, hormones, and obesity.
  • Hand Dermatitis: Also called as hand eczema, the common reasons for this condition include allergies, injuries, irritants, and genes. The major cause for peeling of skin in such a case is constant working of hands. People in industries like healthcare, catering, cleaning, and metalwork experience such a problem.
  • Other syndromes causing peeling palms include ringworm, athletes’ foot, scarlet fever, dry skin, jock itch, and Kawasaki disease.

Natural Remedies For Peeling Palms

There are both natural and medical treatment options available for palm peeling. Patients might not get an immediate effect of natural remedies, but regular use can be helpful. Some of the home remedies for this include:

  • Intake of vitamin supplements including vitamin A, B, C, as well as irons and minerals.
  • Intake of nuts.
  • Soaking hands in oatmeal bath every day.
  • Application of aloe Vera or cucumber on the palms.
  • Healthy diet containing cheese, cereals, carrots, eggs, and meat.
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Know The Causes And Treatment For Swollen Cheeks

Swollen Cheek

  • There can be a number of reasons for swelling of cheeks. That is the reason why patients should seek help from medical practitioners instead of taking any medication on their own as that could worsen the condition.
  • Swelling in cheek is usually characterized by soreness as well as tenderness in the cheeks. Such a condition can lead to pain and even discomfort in a patient.
  • In case a swollen cheek is not treated and left like that for some time, it can result in several complications and excessive pain.


Causes of Swollen Cheeks

  • Edema. It is one condition in which the cheeks get swollen due to excess fluids present in the soft tissues of cheeks. A failure of organ can result in such a condition.
  • Infections. Many viral or bacterial infections can be the reason for swollen cheeks.
  • Sebaceous Cyst: A development of round patch in case the sebaceous follicles excrete sebum can result in the condition. Growth of cyst in cheek can result in swelled cheeks.
  • Cheek Cancer: Tumors in cheeks can result in mild or severe swelling of cheeks.
  • Trauma: Injury on the cheeks can not only cause bleeding, but also be accompanied with swelling. Even some cosmetic procedures can result in swelling in the cheeks.
  • Allergic Reactions: Some people can be allergic to use of makeup, while others can be allergic to medicines or certain kind of food. This can cause redness and rashes on the skin.
  • Enlargement of lymph nodes can also be a probable reason for swollen cheeks.

Treatment Of Swollen Cheeks

  • Slices of potatoes can help reduce the swelling caused because of a trauma on the cheek. Also use of hot and cold compresses can be the best treatment option for mild swelling.
  • Over the counter pain medications can also be extremely helpful in treatment of pain on the cheeks, especially if the pain is just not tolerable.
  • Anti-inflammatory medicines should be taken by the patients to deal with pain as well as swelling on the cheek.
  • A mixture of honey, lime, as well as lukewarm water can ease the pain and reduce swelling caused by a trauma.
  • In case you also experience itching with swollen cheeks, opt for antihistamines. This can be particularly beneficial when the condition has been caused because of any allergy.
  • Last but the best treatment option for patients suffering from swollen cheeks is to know what the causative factor is and visiting the doctor for help.
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Causes And Treatment For Popped Blood Vessels In Hands

Popped Blood Vessels In Fingers

An injury in the hand or trauma such as getting bumped into something consciously or even accidentally can cause the blood vessels of fingers to pop open, thus leading to popped blood vessels in hands.

Now if a person breaks a wooden item using his hands, the force for blowing the wooden article can cause a major impact on the fingers of a person. Just like the blood vessels of any other body part get healed on their own after rupturing, even the blood vessels of fingers heal on their own, most commonly in two weeks.

Popped Blood Vessels In Hands

When a clot gets developed in the blood vessels of hand, it can lead to popped blood vessels. This blood clot can obstruct the flow of blood as well as hinder the flow, thus leading to the bulging of arteries. The fast flow of blood because of an increased pressure can cause weakening of blood vessels, thus causing the arteries to burst out. One can see blood leakage from the blood vessels.

There can be numerous reasons leading to such a condition, including a bump of hand into something hard, malnutrition, use of hand for breaking a hard article, bruises caused due to ageing, or even high blood pressure.

When a blood vessel pops out, there are a lot of signs as well as symptoms associated with the same, like swelling, pain, or even a dark reddish appearance.


How To Treat Popped Blood Vessels In Hands

More than often, the popped blood vessel isn’t damaging and quite insignificant. Such a condition heals down well in a week or two. But in case the problem is associated with bleeding, pain, or swelling, there are a few home remedies which can be considered for the treatment.

  • Apply ice on the affected hand after lifting it above the heart level. It would be best to not move the hand too much if you want the injury to heal in time.
  • Warm compresses can be applied after 24 hours on the damaged site so that healing becomes easier and circulation is better.
  • Initially, you can also apply a clean cloth over the affected area and keep applying pressure every 10 minutes.
  • Vitamin K lotion can be used over the bruised area.
  • In order to treat the blood clotting faster, a person can seek advice and medications from a good doctor.
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Tips For A Darker Skin Without Getting Tanned

A major segment of people simply love the dark colored skin. Such people long for a darker skin tone as that could make them look sexier and way more beautiful. Getting a tan is indeed one of the methods through which people can acquire a naturally glowing and healthy, sun-kissed skin.

However, if you do not want to get tanned and still acquire a dark skin tone, take a look at the natural ways that have been discussed below:

  • Sun exposure is one of the surefire ways of getting a darker looking skin. On staying under the sun for long, you will augment the production of melanin in the body. So it is important that you use a good sunscreen to protect yourself from damaging UVA and UVB rays. Also, one should know that excessive exposure to sun can lead to facial spots, wrinkles, as well as skin cancer. It would be best to not stay under sun in the time slot of 10 A.M to 3 P.M.
  • Emu oil is known for darkening the skin naturally. The oil is known to increase melanin production, thus causing the darkening of skin.


How To Naturally Darken Skin Tone?

  • Intake of foods rich in carotenoids like carrots are said to darken the skin tone. It has been known that carotenoids are those pigments which make carrots, orange colored. And as per the studies, it has been found that carotenoids can offer a darker color to skin.
  • An amazing way to make your skin appear darker is by applying makeup. Bronzer is a temporary makeup product which can make the skin look darker. Though this is a temporary way of getting a dark looking skin, but it can certainly give you a healthy and glowing skin. Nonetheless, one should ensure that the foundation is evenly applied for that perfect looking skin.
  • Cinnamon rub is a way of attaining that gorgeous, dark skin as cinnamon has dark pigments which can be applied on the skin for a darker effect.
  • Cocoa butter is also known to have a similar effect on your skin, as it works as a moisturizer that can make your skin look darker.
  • Not wearing contrasting colors can also work well. It can make you look paler. It would be best to wear light colored clothes.
  • Tea bag tan is also a known way of making the skin look darker, and it is much better option when compared to cinnamon rub. You just have to soak tea bags in water and let them soak in for some time. Then using a sponge or cloth, apply the solution evenly for a darker skin tone.


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What Are The Symptoms Of Collapsed Veins And Treatment Remedies?

When the internal line of veins get swelled due to an injury that keeps occurring time and again, one can experience temporary occlusion of collapsed veins. And when the swelling sinks in, the blood circulation gets back to normal.

Usually collapse of smaller veins occurs when one pulls back against the syringe’s plunger to know if the needle has reached the vein. Excessive suction pulls the sides of veins together, and in case the walls of the veins get irritated, they adjoin and cause a blockage. Also, removal of needle quickly after giving an injection causes a similar result.


How To Revive Collapsed Veins?

Usually collapsed veins do not need any particular treatment, just one shouldn’t inject any needle in the veins for a certain period of time, let’s say a week.

It would be best to insert needle on different parts of the body for injection. The healing process for the veins is completely natural. In case of a vascular disease, the best venous treatment meant is fluid management and compression stocking. However in severe cases of venous disease, one can also go for surgeries such as placing stents.

Causes Of Collapsed Veins

If intravenous injections are used frequently, they can irritate the lining of veins and damage it by tearing. The injected drugs can swells the veins and you can notice small clots forming on the site. And in some time, you will see that the swelling occlude the vein, thus collapsing the veins.

Once the vein collapses, the blood gets re-directed to adjoining blood vessels. However, these blood vessels or veins do not have as much capacity as the collapsed ones have. And as a result, they also swell up. This swelling thus affects the limb. This reduced blood circulation is the reason that minor cuts and even bruises after injections become extremely painful and the healing process becomes tad too slow.

  • The primary cause resulting in collapsed veins is chronic trauma following habitual injections.
  • Use of blunt needles.
  • Injections containing drugs which might cause irritation or inflammation of veins.
  • Use of a particular vein for injecting.
  • Slow removal of needle once done with injecting.
  • Not using the right method for intravenous injections.
  • Vascular condition such as varicose veins.
  • Excessive suction caused when pulling plunger of syringe.

Symptoms Of Collapsed Veins

Some of the common signs and symptoms of a collapsed vein are as follows:

  • Striking pain following tissue damage.
  • Discoloration of skin.
  • Cold feeling at extremities caused by obstructed blood flow.
  • Itching.

Treatment And Remedies For Collapsed Veins

The treatment of collapsed veins depends on the underlying causative factors only. So it is quite important for a person to understand the causing factor first.

If the collapse is just a temporary one, then there isn’t any specific treatment meant for that; just that one shouldn’t inject the same site again and again! And one can see the pain and swelling settling down with time.

But sadly, if the vein collapse is permanent one, then the vein wouldn’t come back to its original form back. New blood vessels will form in place of that. So, it is quite important for a person to take as much rest as possible so that the vessel gets replaced soon.

And in case of vascular disease, the patient needs to keep the leg at an elevation and make use of compression stockings. You should give proper rest to the site.

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How To Control Pain And First Aid After ASP Sting: Treatment

People cannot easily forget the pain after being stung by an asp. The asp is one of the most dangerous stingers of North America that can sting severely. The sting has a teardrop shape and it differs in colors.

It also looks like clump of fur. As and when the asp rubs on the human body or its hair contact the skin of a person, a sting is delivered. As the hair of asp reaches the skin of the human and gets embedded into it, toxins can cause severe pain and itching. However, there is a quick treatment available for asp sting and several first aid remedies that can help ease the pain caused due to sting.


Treatment For Asp Sting

  • One of the most immediate treatment options available for an asp sting is prevention of anaphylaxis.
  • The accompanying pain of an asp sting settles down after some time on its own, nonetheless such pain shouldn’t be experienced even for an hour.
  • There are several treatment options available for asp sting including home remedies, prescription medicines, and so on, based on different symptoms.

Symptoms Of Asp Sting

  • Nausea
  • Shock
  • Headache
  • Respiratory distress
  • Lymphadenitis
  • Lymphadenopathy
  • Throbbing towards the armpit
  • Respiratory distress

Pain Caused By Asp Sting

  • Pain caused due to asp sting can be an intense one, accompanied with burning as well as throbbing sensation.
  • Without any treatment, the pain can stop within an hour.
  • The pain usually depends on the intensity of venom or even the hair embedded inside the skin.

First Aid For Asp Sting

  • Rub ice pack on the affected region.
  • Just tape the stung area and pull out stringers or hair.
  • Get in touch with a physician as soon as possible so as to know about possible allergies or pain.
  • You can get rid of itching and burning by using oral antihistamines.
  • In case of severe pain, you can use morphine or codeine to treat the severe pain. Ordinary pain relievers won’t have a great effect on pain caused due to asp sting.
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