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Home Remedies on how to Treat Balanitis and Its Symptoms

Balanitis is a disease suffered by the men folk. It leads to the inflammation of the glans, a term used to describe the head of the penis. People suffering from balanitis have the foreskin covering the head of their penis swollen and lose.

Age is never a factor as the condition is suffered the most by boys below age 4 and men who are not circumcised. Balanitis not only gives pain, but it is ugly to look at. It gives boys pain during urination and pain to men during sex.

One of the major identified causes of balanitis, is poor hygiene. It is very common among uncircumcised men and young boys. Cleaning the affected foresking with warm water on daily basis, offers relieve from the pain of balanitis. Smegma which is a condition of white substance being produce from the glands of the penis, occurs when the foreskin on the head of the penis is too tight, making it difficult for the penis to be retracted back. The white cheesy substance causes inflammation and irritation of the penis, and this is one of the major symptoms of balanitis.

Balanitis is also caused by other factors such as diabetes, infection caused by fungi etc. If you have been lately experiencing inflammation, soreness or redness around the head of your penis, it is about time you checked you blood sugar level, as balanitis is often one of the first signs of diabetes.

Having unprotected sex with a woman suffering from fungal infection of the vagina, causes balanitis in men.

Sexually transmitted diseases like genital herpes and gonorrhea are also responsible for balanitis.

Irritations caused by using the wrong soap, also causes the penis glans to swell. This is why cleaning the head of the penis with warm water, is a better alternative to cleaning with soap. Most adult men suffering from balanitis got it from latex condoms. Eczema and psoriasis also cause balanitis.

Common symptoms of Balanitis

Symptoms of balanitis, is a function of the severity of the condition. There are instances when a person suffering from balanitis will not experience any of the afore-mentioned symptoms. Below are common symptoms of balanitis

  • Reddening of the penis head
  • Irritating pain
  • Swelling of the penis head
  • Secretion of white substances
  • Foul odor around the penis
  • Pains during urination
  • Itching of the foreskin

Home Remedies used in the treatment of inflamed glans or penis head

Balanitis can be easily cured. The very first thing to do before starting treatment is to identify the causes of the condition. Operation (circumcision) will be needed to remove the affected foreskin if balanitis is caused by phimosis.

If fungus infection is responsible, then treatment will involve applying fungal ointment when washing the affected area with warm water using a dry cloth.

When you are done urinating, you will have to dry the wet surface of the penis head before zipping up. When having sex, lubricated condom will be a better alternative to latex condom especially if you are allergic to latex.

For men suffering from STD diseases such as gonorrhea, taking prescribed antibiotics offers relieve from balanitis. Another treatment method is to apply yoghurt on the head of the penis. Get the foreskin pulled backwards before applying the yoghurt, as doing so ensures the yoghurt is properly applied.

You can also add a little salt to the water you intend taking your bath with.

Aloe vera gel and garlic paste can be effectively used in the treatment of balanitis.

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How To Darken Skin Tone Naturally Without Tanning

How to Darken Skin tone naturally without tanning the skin

Dark skin tone is increasingly become a trend among most people today. Most believe dark skin tone will give then an edgy and sexy look. Skin toning is more common among Caucasians who desire to have healthy and sun-kissed toned skins.

If you are serious about getting dark skin tones, here are some natural ways you can go about that.

Basking under the sun: Staying under the Sun leads to production of melanin. However, it is important you wear a sunscreen to prevent harmful UVB and UVA from affecting your skin. But bear in mind that excess exposure to sunlight causes skin cancer, sun spots on the face and premature wrinkles. Staying under the sun between the hours of 10:00am and 3:00pm when the sunlight is intense is a bad idea.

Emu Oil: Applying emu oil on the skin brings about the darkening of the skin. Emu oil triggers increased production of melanin responsible for dark skin tone.

Eating carrots and other foods rich in carotenoids: The orange pigment contained in carrot contains Carotenoids. It has been proven medically that eating carotenoids filled foods brings about dark skin tones.

Makeup: Makeup material like bronzer gives dark skin tones, but it lasts for a short time. The dark tone given by bronzer is healthy though temporary. A rule of thumb is to make use of a foundation that has a darker hue than your skin’s hue. It is important to ensure that the foundation is evened out to achieve a more toned skin.

The colors you wear should contrast: Dark colored clothes only gives you a pale look. Light colored clothes will be a better alternative here as they give contrasting colors.

Cinnamon Rub: Cinnamon is made of dark pigments which darkens the skin when applied. Get a tablespoon of cinnamon powder and then mix with a simple lotion before then applying on the skin. Doing this also gives you a natural cinnamon fragrance which can’t be gotten from body spray and perfumes

Tea Bag Tan: Compared to cinnamon, Tea bag tan gives a longer darkening effect to the skin. Get five to six bags of tea bags and then soak in water for some minutes. Then apply the colored water to the skin using a sponge or washcloth. Ensure it is evenly applied on the skin so as to achieve a dark tone.

Cocoa Butter: Cocoa butter acts as a moisturizer and at the same time effective in creating dark tones on the skin.

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How to Get Rid of Crook in Neck and What are its Causes?

Crook is a discomforting pain which affects the neck. It gives the sufferer pain when turning the head due to spasm in the neck muscles. Wrong sleep position often gives you pains when you wake in the morning.

This is not the only cause of crook in the neck. Other causes of stiffness of the neck include; trauma and pinched nerve. The pain caused can be severe or mild, occurring gradually or spontaneously.

In most cases, it occurs spontaneously. Women suffer crook in the neck the most. In severe cases, the pain often extends to the shoulder blade and the tip of the shoulder.

Causes of Crook in the Neck

Crook is referred to as neck stiffness in medical therapy. It is often caused by wrong sleeping position at night. Sleeping on a pillow that is too high or flat leads to stiffness of the neck.

Spasm of the muscle has been identified as the major cause of pain experienced during the movement of the neck. Sleeping for so long in the wrong position causes the neck muscle to stretch and at the same time causing compression of the nerves passing through the neck. The result is pain and inflammation.

The second major cause of neck stiffness is cervical spondylosis. It affects the spines the most. It occurs when nerve fibers coming from the cervical region located in the spinal cord gets compressed when the space between two cervical vertebras contracts. The result is pinched nerve which brings about pain and stiffness in the neck.

Medically, the real cause of crook neck hasn’t been identified yet but the afore-mentioned conditions abound.

Getting rid of Stiff Neck

Crook in the neck isn’t really a life threatening condition only that it inflicts pain on the sufferer when the patient tries moving his or her neck. Though it takes between two and three days for symptoms to disappear, it takes longer for severe cases. If crook in the neck is caused by injury or cervical spondylosis, it often takes a very long time for healing to complete. It is important to seek medical assistance here.

Hot fomentation can be effectively used in treating neck stiffness. It effects healing by eliminating the stress and strain on the neck while at the same time improving blood circulation around the neck.

Ice fomentation works best at the early stage of the neck stiffness. It involves wrapping ice in clean water and then placing it on the affected area for 10 minutes.

Avoid overstretching the neck to avoid worsening the condition. Acupuncture and consultation with a chiropractors offer relieve from the condition.

Finally, frequent exercising, healthy lifestyle, and proper body posture are preventive techniques of avoiding neck stiffness.

Home Remedies and Exercise for Crook Neck

There are some home remedies and exercise which can effectively be used in the treatment of crook on the neck. Massaging the affected area with coconut oil brings about faster relieve from neck stiffness. It also helps improve blood circulation around the neck tissues.

Frequent rotation of your arm during the day is a good way of causing muscles around your neck to stay relaxed.

Eating potassium filled foods such as avocados, banana, milk, dates and baked potatoes helps keep away muscle spasm.

If you work requires you staying in front of your computer, try turning your neck every 10 to 15 minutes.

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Dry Heaves Nausea: Symptoms and Remedies

After vomiting, most people experience what is described as dry heaves nausea. It is that compelling tendency to throw up without really vomiting any material. This happens when the part of the brain responsible for vomiting gets triggered thus creating a vomiting sensation.

The vomiting center of the brain remains active long after vomiting has stopped. The result is prolonged shrinking of the abdominal wall which creates a vomiting sensation though nothing is really coming out.
In most cases, dry heaves seizes some moments after vomiting stops. If it persists for a long time, then medical assistance should be sought. It is a sign that intracranial pressure has increased or severed gastrointestinal condition.

Causes of Dry Heaves Nausea

Dry heaves is what follows after bouts of nausea and vomiting. Dry heaves is often triggered by vomiting. Below are some of the causes responsible for dry heaves;

Gastric conditions such as obstruction of the intestines, pancreatitis, gastritis, appendicitis and so much more.
Brain tumor, headaches and meningitis also brings about dry heaves because they increase intracranial pressure.
Infection of the intestines caused by heavy alcohol intake, food poisoning, empty stomach and renal diseases also bring about dry heaves.

Other factors responsible for dry heaves include hypoglycemia and low blood sugar. People who take insulin often suffer the most due to low sugar in the blood. Reflux espophagitis otherwise known as acid reflux disease has been identified as a major cause of dry heaves.

Pregnant mothers at the early stage of pregnancy suffer dry heaves. It is triggered when they smell food or drugs or even when they wash their mouth.

Psychogenic is a form of dry heaves without an organic cause. It is most times caused by anxiety and stress.

Symptoms of Dry heaves Nausea

Dry heaves is causes discomfort. It makes a person believe that it will be better to vomit. Abdominal contractions occur in waves, which will then be followed by sweating, salivation and pallor. Dry throat and mouth are also common symptoms. Other symptoms include dizziness, palpitation and rapid pulse.
Some people go through loss of taste and appetite for food and choking sensation when they suffer dry heaves. Psychological symptoms like anxiety and restlessness often accompany dry heaves.

Remedies for dry heaves Nausea

Dry heaves subsides when the affected part of the brain relaxes. While waiting for this to happen, here are a few steps you can take to achieve faster relieve.
Get as much rest as you can, as it would help ease emotional stress. Resist the temptation of lying down because doing so can worsen your condition. Sit still in a room with lots of air.
If you have lime juice, drink a glass of it or water if you don’t. Ensure you drink the fluid slowly. Another effective technique is oral rehydration which helps the body gain back salt lost to vomiting.

Place an ice cube in your mouth and then have it sucked. Doing so reduces dry heaves. If stress or anxiety is responsible for the dry heaves you are going through, then you will have to find ways of relaxing your mind.
Eating banana and salty foods also offer relieve to dry heaves.

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