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How To Prevent and Treat Bruising after Surgery?

Bruising could be as a result of blood leaking from capillaries which have been ruptured underneath the skin. It can be as a result of trauma or because of deficiency in some nutrients or disorders in the mechanisms for blood clotting.

It is very common to bruise after surgery. Majority of times even after careful cauterization of the little blood vessels in an operation,. Few bleeders around the tissues and muscles begin to ooze again as blood pressure becomes normalized. The bleeding isn’t serious but mild and dripping.

Bruising is usually not a condition which is serious but it can make things look unappealing for a few days after surgery, precisely surgery on parts of the body which are exposed and on the face.

Post surgical bruising also happens when the surgeon has not utilized vacuum wound drain. Post surgical bruising clears away eventually after some days, meanwhile some changes may be noticed in the skin color of the area that was bruised.

There are specific things that can aid in averting bruising after surgery.

  • If you are consuming aspirin or medicines for blood thinning, always tell the surgeon ahead. The risk of excessive post operative bleeding and bruising is minimized if aspirin is avoided one to two weeks before surgery is carried out
  • Appropriate Cauterizing and suturing of the blood vessels during surgery always averts bruising in excess.
  • Utilizing of homeopathic medicine arnica some days before surgery is carried our aids in reducing post operative bruising. The preparation of Arnica is carried out from the plant Arnica Montana. It is successfully utilized in the treatment of stiffness, bruising and pain. The medicine has the capacity to keep platelets stable and that stops the bruise from spreading. The prevention of bruising after surgery is crucial for a person going through face lift surgery or any cosmetic surgery carried out on the face.
  • Various times, to avert surplus bleeding or when there in vitamin k deficiency. Vitamin k shots are provided before the surgery to stop surplus bruising and bleeding.
  • The head should be kept elevated after surgery has been carried out on the face. It will help in minimizing the amount of blood flow and aid in averting the bruising rate
  • Contolled activity after operation enables bruises to vanish fast.
  • Vitamin C should be taken 3 to 5 days prior to surgery. Vitamin C aids in strengthening the capillaries and averts surplus bruising after surgery.

How to Treat and Reduce Bruising after Surgery

  • Utilizing cold compresses on the bruise elevates the process of healing and the bruise may vanish in a few days if it even comes up
  • Homeopathic medicine Arnica Montana aids in resolving bruising as well as the dark discoloration on the skin as a result of post operative bruise.
  • Heat should never be applied on a bruise as it will further worsen the condition
  • Fruits and drinks consisting of vitamin C should be consumed. It aids in resolving bruises.
  • Vitamin K consisting of ointments and gels should be applied on the post operative bruise. Vitamin K helps in efficiently minimizing the discoloration as a result of bruise. It also aids in strengthening the blood vessels.
  • Witch hazel should be applied. Clean wash cloth or sterilized gauze should be applied to produce witch hazel cold compresses.
  • Food containing anti oxidants should be consumed. They elevate the process of recovery and quickly absorb bruises. Raspberries, lean protein, beat roots, carrots, green leafy, cabbages among others.
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Does Oatmeal Bath Benefits Hives and Eczema with Severe Itching?

Oatmeal has several benefits to the health and the benefits of oatmeal for skincare has been proven and tested ages back. The most recognized way of curing skin conditions like eczema and hives is by dipping in an oatmeal bath. It helps in soothing the skin from itching.

Here are several significance of Oatmeal bath

  • Oatmeal bath is significant when your skin is rough and dry
  • It restores and brings the moisture of the skin to normality
  • Oatmeal bath aids in the exfoliation of skin in a tender manner
  • There is no need to utilize soap when using oatmeal bath as it eradicates the dirt that is stuck to the skin surface
  • It helps in relieving itching
  • Oatmeal bath aids in healing moderate skin irritations.

Oatmeal Bath for Hives

Hive is a skin condition medically recognized as uriticaria. It is as a result of an allergic reaction to substances that are considered harmful by your body. Little bumps with serious burning and itching are frequent symptoms of hives. The skin changes to red and there is a moderate elevation in body temperature.

Oatmeal bath is very significant for healing and eradicating the symptoms of hives.

Oatmeal bath can be prepared with ease;

  • All that you require is powdered oatmeal, this can be prepared by blending oatmeal using  a blender
  • It is essential for the oat to consist of a powdery consistency as it merges well in bath water
  • One or two teaspoon of blended powder should be added in a jug of warm water to aid in testing the consistency. The oatmeal has been blended thoroughly if the powder absorbs well and the water becomes smooth and milky
  • The tub should be filled with warm water
  • A cup of freshly grounded oatmeal powder should be added into the tub
  • A cup of milk can be added for a more soothing effect
  • The ingredients should be mixed properly with your hands so that there is even distribution of oats in the water
  • Exercise care as the tub gets slippery
  • Soak in the bath for 30 minutes.
  • Do not utilize soap.
  • Dry yourself utilizing a towel.

The irritated skin is soothed by the bath because of hives. It also minimizes inflammation and itching.

Oatmeal Bath for Eczema

Eczema is a severe skin condition which leads to serious rashes and dry skin. The condition is effectively treated by Oatmeal bath. The moisturizing effect aids in helping the skin maintain its smooth and soft feel which is essential for any eczematous infection. The more your skin is kept moisturized in eczema the better it is to eradicate the symptoms of burning and itching.

The preparation of Oatmeal bath is prepared using the same process above. You would require ground oatmeal and warm water in a bath tub. One cup of oatmeal should be equally mixed in warm water and you should soak in the tub for about 9-15 minutes. Exercise caution as the tub gets slippery when the oatmeal powder is wet. Your body should be washed with cold water after 15 minutes without utilizing soap. Your wet body should be dried with care using a towel. Virgin coconut oil can be applied on the affected parts after bathing with Oatmeal.

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Does Alcohol Causes Hemorrhoids and Home Remedies for Its Treatments

Hemorrhoids, also recognized as piles are veins which are swollen and inflamed located in the anus and the lower rectum. It can be caused by various factors. In some situations, it may be linked to the consumption of alcohol.

  • As people get older, the likelihood of them developing haemorrhoids is incresed.
  • It is estimated that around half of the adult population would have developed signs of haemorrhoids.
  • They can either be external or internal with piles which are external leading to the highest irritation.
  • Although, hemorrihoids is not caused by alcohol directly, they can assist in complicating the situation.

Does Alcohol Cause Hemorrhoids?

No. Consumption of alcohol alone won’t result to haemorrhoids. Nonetheless it can have an impact on the other factors leading to the condition. This leads to a worsening of the symptoms, recurrence and issues healing.

Alcohol and Piles Correlation

Excess alcohol in the diet can aggravate a case of haemorrhoids. This is majorly because;

  • Alcohol in the body pulls water out of cells and results to dehydration
  • These can also result to constipation and harder stools.
  • Constipation leads to an elevated amount of straining which also worsens pile
  • People who want to carry out treatment of their hemorriods and prevent them from happening again, should cease consuming beverages that contain alcohol.

Asides from alcohol, elevated intake of caffeine may also worsen hemorrihoids as it can lead to dehydration of the body.

Causes of Hemorrhoids

The following are some of the major reasons for piles;

  • Straining with bowel movements -can result to irritation of the veins in the rectum.
  • sitting on the toilet for long periods – can result to an increase in pressure on the rectal area
  • Constipation/ Chronic Diarrhea
  • Pregnancy
  • Obesity

Hemmorhoids can also be gotten genetically asides from the factors listed above.

Home Remedies and Lifestyle Treatments

  • Avoid the intake of drinks and food potent in caffeine as well as alcohol
  • Consume a lot of water as it aids in averting constipation and staying hydrated
  • Take a Sitz bath as frequent soaking in a Sitz bath can aid in relieving irritation and itching
  • Warm and Cold Compress- these can aid in the reduction of the swelling and controlling the pain, pain relievers may also be prescribed by doctors
  • Avoid the use of toilet paper which is dry – towel which is moist can aid in keeping the anal part clean better than toilet paper which is dry
  • The anal area should be kept clean by bathing regularly.
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine-rich foods and drinks
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Causes Of Swollen Cuticle Area: Home Remedies To Treat It

Sometimes, your cuticles and nails can become inflamed, swollen and red. It is known medically as paroncychia and it is known to happen when the skin around the fingernail is over-cut and gets an infection.

The cuticle gets swollen and painful when an infection occurs and there is pus filled with blisters underneath the skin. The nail may become weak and might even fall off. This infection which is harmless should not be ignored because if treatment isn’t carried out immediately, it can spread and this otherwise harmful infection is known to lead to loss of finger.

Cuticle infection is as a result of yeast, fungus or bacterial infection. When the skin is breached due to poor hygiene, the bacteria are multiplied and the nail bed gets infected. You may get a cut around the nail when carrying out a manicure in the salon and this could lead to an infection.

Also in case you work for long periods in water, it might lead to an infection. Thus, it is very important that your hands are kept dry all day.

Home Remedies To Treat Infected And Swollen Cuticle

The following home-based remedies and steps would aid you in alleviating a swollen cuticle fast.

  • Make sure that the area is kept clean by washing it with water and soap. Also equally crucial is keeping your fingers dry after washing.
  • White vinegar is an efficient home remedy for inflamed cuticles. Equal parts of vinegar and water should be mixed in a little bowl. The affected finger should be dipped for 15 minutes. It may sting initially, but it eradicates the infection fast. There are anti-bacterial properties in white vinegar and will help in quickly reducing the infection in the nails. An anti-bacterial lotion should be applied thereafter on the cuticle and a band-aid should be utilized in covering it up. Soaking should be repeated with vinegar every day until the infection vanishes.
  • In a situation where the vinegar stings, an anti bacterial ointment can be applied. Ensure your hands ate kept dry for at least an hour after application of the anti-bacterial. This ensures that the anti-bacterial functions effectively.
  • Tea tree essential oil is another remarkable remedy that works quite well for swelling and infection of the cuticles. Clearing up the infection in 1 to 2 days. Neat tea oil should be applied to the inflamed cuticle 5- 10 times each day. Tea tree oil is a very powerful medicinal aroma oil that fights infection efficiently. It is an effective anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal that is effective for almost all types of infections. It is also suggested that a few drops of tea tree essential oil should be added to your cuticle alongside a hand wash.
  • A Vitamin C tablet should be consumed daily. it aids in enhancing immune functions and wards off infections quickly. Consult your doctor and begin a supplement, it can also be stepped up by consuming lemons, limes, mangoes oranges and ball peppers. They are all filled with vitamin C.
  • In a situation where the infection doesn’t vanish in 7 days, then you need to contact your health practitioner as he may recommend an oral anti-biotic.
  • Also ensure your personal manufacturing set is utilized. You will be amazed to realize how many salons do not carry out disinfection of their tools between customers. Also if it isn’t required to cut cuticles, then leave it alone, just push them carefully with a soft rubber tip as this minimizes the possibility of infection.
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Causes and Treatment Methods for Cuts on Tongue

Cuts on Tongue

  • Cuts on tongue can often be a cause of severe pain when it they are exposed to foods with high acid content.
  • Slight bleeding, cuts, bumps, sores, swelling and pain can be signs associated with cuts on tongue.
  • A close relationship can be established between cuts on the tongue and tongue ulcers also referred to as aphthous ulcers. These are bumps on the tongue that are painless but can cause a burning sensation and sometimes bleeding.

Reasons for Cuts on Tongue

  • Bleeding and cuts can be a result of a mishap from biting the tongue. Most frequent in sleeps and while talking.
  • Certain type of vegetables, fish, and sharp points of some food can result in injuries or bruises.
  • Cuts on tongue are more likely to occur when vitamins B and C in the body of a patient are low.
  • Canker Sores or Tongue Ulcers.
  • If the face experiences injury or accidents.
  • Geographic Tongue. This is a discoloration, cut and crack which are typical features of inflammation or irritation in the tongue.
  • Cuts can occur as a result of blisters from consuming foods which are still very hot particularly soup.
  • Spicy food being consumed in excess.
  • Stress.
  • Allergic reactions, eczema, and asthma.
  • Challenges in the immune system. Cuts on tongue can be a result of some illnesses.
  • Hormonal Surges. Usually at the period of the monthly menstrual cycle, menopause, and pregnancy undergone by women.

Treating Cuts on Tongue

Over a period, cuts on the tongue most likely disappear. In fact, the tongue is considered as one of the best part in the body that can heal itself in a quicker period of time. To reduce the aching and distress caused from cuts especially when eating, some methods to remedy this are;

  • Cleaning the throat and mouth with a solution of salt in warm water a number of times per day is the easiest and most efficient method handling cuts.
  • Using the powder made from Neem leaf.
  • Sustaining good dental hygiene.
  • Area in consideration should be cleaned using milk of magnesia.
  • Consuming vitamin supplements.
  • To reduce aching, cold or frozen treats should be consumed.
  • A paste-like solution from water and baking soda should be applied for a few minutes around the area being treated.
  • A quick cure is the use of honey.
  • Patients can also suck on a clove.
  • Cleaning the throat and mouth using a mouthwash.
  • Canker sore drops should be applied.

If it is taking too long for cuts to cure or no improvement is seen from the use of home remedies after a reasonable period of time, a doctor should be consulted.

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Calcium Deposits On Teeth Causes: Home Remedies To Get Rid Of It

Teeth which is sparkling and clean alongside a healthy smile aids in enhancing your self-confidence and overall looks. However, deposits of ugly calcium on the teeth can make them unappealing.

While a toothbrush does not rally have an impact against this build-up, cleaning professionally at your dental office will be of significance. Regardless, these home remedies could also be tried out.

If there is a gathering of calcium in the body, it might be noticeable on the teeth having the appearance of white spots. This happens because the ameloblast cells which aid in forming of the enamel may add excess calcium while teeth are being developed.

And this results to white spot formulation on your teeth.

What Causes Calcium Buildup On Teeth?

A bacterial plaque which has a gummy layer is continuously produced on your teeth. However, majority of it is brushed away daily. In a situation where you skipped brushing some parts of the teeth, calcium phosphate which is an ingredient of saliva, begins to comply with the plaque.

Overtime, the calcium phosphate becomes hard and turns into tarter and you would be unable to brush it away. the tarter on your teeth is a great platform for a build-up of more plaque.

The tarter becomes heavier when additional amount of calcium gathered on the teeth and becomes hard.

How To Get Rid Of Calcium Deposits On Teeth At Home?

The most efficient and appropriate way to eradicate tarter from your teeth is by cleaning them at the dental office. After the removal of all the tarter from the gum line, a paste will be utilised in shining your teeth and also clean the remainder of the stains.

Regardless, these home remedies could be tried out in eradicating deposits of calcium. The will provide some assistance. On the other hand, it’s appropriate to consult your dentists or health provider before carrying out these treatments.

  • It has been suggested by experts that you utilize a tooth brush which is stronger like one that is made specifically for eradicating calcium deposits or a moisturized one.
  • Utilizing lime is sometimes significant in whitening your teeth and eradicating ugly stains on the teeth. Your toothbrush should be dipped in a bowl of squeezed lemon and rubbed on the teeth every day.
  • Another efficient home remedy is baking soda. Toothpaste should be applied to the brush and some baking soda should be added on the paste and used in brushing the teeth. Baking soda aids in breaking down of deposits and providing the teeth with a surface which is smoother. In around 10 days, you will realize your teeth are getting whiter and smoother. Also note that baking soda cannot be utilized every day because it is an abrasive. Cease usage or visit your dentist if you experience any pain after usage.
  • It has also been suggested by some experts that hydrogen peroxide and baking powder should be utilized. One table spoon of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide and 2 table spoons of baking soda should be mixed; a hydrogen peroxide which is stronger is dangerous because it has moderate acid. They should be mixed well and stored in a container. This can be stored for a moth. A little amount of the mixture should be used for the first time so you can find out if there are side effects. If any sort of side effect is noticed, stop utilizing instantly and consult your health expert. It should also be kept away from children.
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Arcus Senilis Symptoms: Causes and How Do You Get Rid Of It?

Arcus senilis condition of the eye that is harmless and is mostly noticed in elderly people. It is characterized by the production of yellowish or gray ring around the periphery of cornea.

The ring in most people is found in both the eyes. In random situations, the circular ring may be noticed only in one eye.

Cornea is dome shaped front part of the eye which is transparent. Light comes in through the corner into the deeper areas of the eye. Arcus senilis consists of cholesterol deposits. The deposits are initially found at 6 and 12 o’clock area of the circle, but the deposits gradually form a ring which is circular.

Men are more likely to get arcus senilis than women.

Although the condition doesn’t affect sight, the ring has medical importance if it is found in people lower than 40 years. It may be a sign of elevated cholesterol level in the blood. These persons should exercise more care and consult their physicians as they have the possibility of suffering from coronary artery disease at younger age.

What Are The Causes Of Arcus Senilis?

Arcus senilis consists of cholesterol deposits. It is a circular ring in the periphery of cornea. Most of the people above 70 or 80 years develop the yellowish or gray circular ring around the corneal periphery. Cornal arcus is more frequent in people who have African or Asian origin in comparison to Caucasians.

Men are more likely to develop arcus senilis in comparison to women. Arcus prevalence is elevated as both women and men age. The peripheral corneal opaue ring in mostly found in people who smoke or have had elevated blood pressure for many years.

Arcus sebilis formation in people below the age of 40 may be a sign of hyperlipidemia as the ring is formulated if crystals of lipid deposits. Family history of hypertension is mostly noticed in those below the age of 40 and have arcus senilis.

Symptoms Of Arcus Senilis

Arcus senilis is a condition which is harmless and doesn’t produce ant symptoms asides from the opaqe ring in the front part of the eyes which is very obvious. The ring can be viewed with the naked eyes. Nonetheless, in some situations, if it is a moderate arc, the ring can be seen well by an ophthalmologist using his eye instruments.

In most situations, arcus senilis can be found in both eyes. Bit in few situations, the ring may be viewed in only one eye. In such situations the possibly of minimized circulation of blood in the eye which isn’t involved is considered.

How To Get Rid Of Arcus Senilis?

An old person experiencing arcus senilis doesn’t need treatment as it doesn’t result in any harm to the eye or the body. Nonetheless, if the corneal arcus is experienced in anyone under 40years he has to exercise care. He should carry out preliminary blood tests for triglyceride and cholesterol to cancel the probability of hypercolesteremia.

Although there is no evidence to confirm this, sit has been suggested by studies that such people have a higher tendency of suffering from coronary artery disease. The risk is even elevated when these persons have zanthalesma underneath the eye. They are fat deposits under the eye due to elevated cholesterol in blood.

If arcus senilis is found in only one eye, it may be a sign of reduced blood supply to the other eye.

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Catfish Sting: Symptoms and home remedies

Catfish lives mostly in lakes and muddy rivers. They are also sometimes found in beaches and temperate waters. When threatened, a catfish will aggressively defend itself, stinging most of the time.

They can be identified physically by the presence of whiskers on their mouth. Their whiskers have semblance with that of a cat, hence catfish.

The common symptom of catfish sting is severe inflammation and edema on the affected site. This will then be followed by severe pain. A catfish uses its 3 spines when attacking a victim, oftentimes sinking them into the victim’s skin when they sting.

Contained in the spines are venoms and chemicals which causes irritation and inflammation.

Symptoms of Catfish sting

Below are some of the common symptoms of catfish sting

  • Inflammation and reddening of the affected site
  • Acute irritation and pain caused by the selling of the extremity
  • The affected site sometimes bleeds but this rarely happens
  • The excruciating pain sometimes causes the victim to pass out
  • The victim may notice the formation of wheals, red in color on the affected site. Touching the affected site creates a burning sensation

Treating catfish sting with a first aid kit

Catfish sticks can be effectively treated and managed by observing the following treatment protocols:

  • Apply hot water on the affected site. Doing this eases the pain caused by the stinging

Ensure the water isn’t extremely hot to avoid damaging the affected skin the more.

  • Removing the immersed spines using tweezers. It is important you get this done quickly to prevent the venom from spreading through the blood stream.
  • Irrigate and scrub the affected site using fresh water. This will help eliminate the venom away from the site.
  • Ensure the wound is kept open and ventilated. Covering it only softens the affected site on the skin.
  • Catfish sting can easily be infected, and so extreme care must be taken to keep away infection.

It is important you seek medical attention after being stung by a catfish. Your healthcare provider will recommend the best treatment protocol that will aid rapid healing of the wound. If symptoms like lethargy and joint pain follows catfish sting, immediately consult with a doctor.

Home remedies for treating catfish sting

Here are some effective home remedies used for treating catfish sting

  • Apis Mel and Homeopathic drugs have been proven to be effective in the treatment of catfish sting. What Apis does is to ease up the inflammation while also reducing the irritation and pain that follows a catfish sting. Belledona and Arsenic are homeopathic drugs used in treating catfish sting. Appropriate dosage is 4 times a day
  • Applying tree oil on the affected site works well too. It helps keep away infections, thanks to its anti-microbial capabilities. Applying tree oil causes slight burning sensation which quickly fades away with time
  • Cold compressing the wound, three to four times a day works well too.
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Ways of lowering Potassium level in the blood naturally

Our body needs potassium and other vital minerals, especially for digestive and muscular purposes. An anomaly in potassium level can cause several body complications. Potassium, when it is in excess adversely affects the health of the affected individual.

Potassium, which acts as an electrolyte has to be maintained at optimal level for the body to stay healthy. Certain diseases like kidney failure and lower kidney function leads to the alteration of potassium level.

High level of potassium in the blood

Potassium is mostly produced in the kidney. But when the kidney potential gets lowered, rise in blood potassium level is what follows next.

Certain medications when taken frequently causes potassium level in the blood to rise. Regular consumption of potassium supplement also causes rise in potassium level. Hormonal deficiency has also been identified as a major cause of high potassium.

High potassium can only be detected through electrocardiogram, a form of blood analysis. Below are some of the symptoms which accompany high potassium level in the blood.

  • Reduced pulse rate
  • Uneasiness
  • Muscle cramps
  • Gastrointestinal cramps and diarrhea
  • General weakness of the body
  • Lowered reflexes and stuttering

Patients who are victims of chronic kidney disease need to closely monitor their potassium level.

Ways of lowering potassium naturally

Medical attention should immediately be sought once high potassium level has been diagnosed. This unpleasant health condition can be naturally treated at home by the following ways:

  • Increased consumption of calcium-filled diet. Researchers have discovered that sufficient intake of calcium can inhibit the absorption of potassium in the body. Foods like milk, cheese and yoghurt are all rich in calcium, and so needs to be consumed the more.
  • Eating garlic first thing every morning and during evenings also works. For increased effectiveness, eat with a glass of milk. Garlic, due to its high calcium content inhibits the absorption of potassium in the body.
  • Drink water in sufficient quantity: Water when consumed in sufficient amount helps flush away potassium build up. However, if you suffer from kidney disorder, first consult with a physician before increasing your water intake. This is because consuming water in excess quantity will strain a malfunctioning kidney.
  • Reduce the intake of coffee and colas. Also, desist from consuming alcohol. Doing this will help keep potassium level in the body at optimal level.
  • Avoid foods like banana, potatoes, yams, papaya and avocado as they are rich in potassium.
  • Vegetables and fruits like cauliflower, lettuce, canned food, berries and peaches shouldn’t be missing from your diet.
  • Frequent exercising also helps. You don’t have to hit the gym to exercise your body. Simply taking a walk for 30 minutes will do.
  • Following up with a medical expert will also help

You can consider adding herbs like alfalfa, dandelion and horsetail to your diet as they effective at lowering potassium level in the body.

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Fluid in the Uterus: Causes and symptoms

Ordinarily, the uterus does not hold water in its cavities. It only does during pregnancy. Presence of fluid in the uterus is indicative of an anomaly. The problem however is that most women that suffer this condition are barely aware of it. They only get to discover by a sonogram, or after the symptoms of the condition starts manifesting.

Fluid in the Uterus

A normal uterus does not accumulate fluid. When it does, the fluid flows out via a cervical opening.

  • The amniotic sac, an integral component of the placenta, supplies a developing fetus food and water during pregnancy. This leads to the buildup of amniotic fluid within the uterus.

This amniotic fluid then gushes out during labor

  • While menstruating, most women see blood flow out through their cervix. This condition is what results when the endometrial layers get sloughed off.
  • Fluid sometimes accumulates in the uterus, oftentimes taking the form of fibroids or polyps. This condition isn’t malignant, but oftentimes lead to the buildup of fluids in a woman’s uterus.
  • Viral infection which is responsible for most common inflammatory diseases sometimes causes fluid to accumulate in a woman’s uterus. PID sometimes causes uterine tissue to get inflamed. When this happens, the uterus suffers irritation caused by the presence of certain bacteria.

Causes of fluid accumulation in the Uterus

Aging is the major cause of fluid accumulation in the uterus.

  • A pregnant woman most times sees fluid accumulate in her uterus. However, this condition is very normal and should not be feared.
  • The cervixes of women who are advanced in age oftentimes suffer cervical stenosis.


  • The accumulation of fluid in the intra-uterine signifies menopause in women.

History of endometrial Ablation

  • A woman who had at some point suffered endometrial ablation is likely become stenosed, leading to the opening of her cervix.

Fibroids and Tumors

  • Tumors or fibroids when they develop in the uterine wall cause the opening of the cervix.

Inserting foreign objects like uterine devices, can lead to the fluid accumulation especially when such devices get infected.

Symptoms of fluid in the Uterus

Fluid accumulation in the uterus is mostly asymptomatic. However, some of the common symptoms which accompany the condition include:

  • Accumulation of fluid in the uterine
  • Pain in the pelvic area. This is indicative of fluid accumulation in the uterus. This symptom is also accompanied by pelvic pressure which causes the lower abdomen and uterus to feel heavy.
  • Bloating, abdominal cramps and feeling as though the abdomen is full are common symptoms.
  • Fluid accumulation in the uterus sometimes affects the respiratory track. This in turn leads to shortened breath and difficult breathing.
  • Discharge of foul smelling fluid known as leucorrhea is another common symptom experienced by women whose uterus has been filled with fluid.
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