Symptoms of Alopecia Barbae: Causes And Natural Treatments

The meaning of alopecia in layman terms is hair loss.

This condition is not strange and about half of the population above the age of 30 to 40 have a level of loss of hair, people often equate baldness and loss of hair to stress and mental worries, but there  can be various other related medical conditions which people do not know about.

Widely, alopecia can be categorized into two classes which include alopecia areata and alopecia androgenetica.

Alopecia androgenetica is well known and it can be female pattern baldness or male pattern baldness.

Alopecia areata has to do with loosing hair in patches. Hair loss of a little patch of the beard area is known as alopecia barbae. There can be more than one of such patches simultaneously. It is a type of alopecia areata.

While both genders are affected by alopecia areata, only males suffer from alopecia barbea. There are little patches which are hairless and circular in the beard area and usually consist of a smooth skin surface, it is sometimes related to a burning sensation. The condition is not a health issue that is serious, but the treatment of alopecia barbae may take weeks and sometimes months.

Treatment is crucial to avoid the spread of bald patches in beard area.

Causes Of Alopecia Barbae

The cause of alopecia barbae hasn’t been found yet. Researchers are unable to determine the precise cause of bald patches in the beard. However, various studies show that it is an issue that is auto immune. Something goes wrong in the immune system of the body. The hair follicle is wrongly interpreted as a foreign body and is attacked leading to patches of hair loss in beard.

Many men with this issue have been noticed to have strong history of this problem in the family. Mental stress, emotional upset, depression, emotional situation have also been noticed to worsen the condition.

How Does Alopecia Barbae Look Like?

Alopecia barbae can be developed in men of all ages after puberty. However, it has been frequently noticed between 30 to 40 year olds. Sometime, it is very tedious to notice patch of hair loss in the beginning because only a small part is affected. There may be one or more than one bald patches simultaneously.

There are little bald patches which are circular in the beards frequently adjacent to each other even from a distance, it is uncommon and 2 percent of men experience hair loss in irregular parts of beards. The appearance is unexpected and the individual always locates it himself most times while shaving.

The skin area where bald patches occur is shiny and smooth. When it starts, the area is small, but it increases in size as time passes. There may be frequent tingling and burning sensation in the area.

Natural Treatments For Alopecia Barbae

Many men do not put alopecia barbae into consideration when it begins because the bald patches are little. However, it is crucial to carry out treatment during this period as the size of hairless areas may increase. It may take a long time for hair to grow again in bald areas even with treatment.

There are various medications over the counter which promises to redraw hair in bald patches but there might be side effects. Home remedies are a budget friendly and easy options in comparison to over the counter products that are expensive.

  • Certain herbs are beneficial in the stimulation of hair follicles. Sage, burdock, rosemary have natural qualities that inspire the growth of hair follicles. All the listed herbs should be boiled in water and the liquid should be strained once it cools down. The prepared liquid should be utilized as a shampoo for washing the beard area.
  • Aloe vera gel has been recognized to enhance hair growth through the stimulation of hair follicles. The aloe vera gel should be applied frequently on the afflicted bald patches
  • Applying onion juice is efficient in growing hair in the bald patches created by alopecia barbe but onion juice can cause skin irritation, so a thin layer should be applied for a few days to monitor if any development of skin irritation occurs
  • The afflicted area should be massaged with essential oil like almond and jojoba oil. Both oils are recognized to enhance hair growth. Asides that, massaging enhances the circulation of blood which has a vital role in stimulating the growth of hair follicles.
  • Eating healthy food consisting of protein and iron is crucial since both are required for growth of healthy hair. Food that is rich in both of these nutrients includes meat, wheat, poultry, grains and beans.
  • Minimize your stress by partaking in meditation and yoga.

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