Hot to avoid getting sick from flu

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1)Keep your Hands Clean:- Wash your hands before and After you have your meal. Keep it clean always. Wash it after you touch any untidy place or even after you use bathroom.

Germs often spread when you touch something where germs sit and than with same hands you touch your nose,eyes or face. Avoid such habit, so wash your hands at regular intervals. At home you can keep your hands clean with the help of gentle hand wash soap and while you are travelling you can carry a sanitizer for the same purpose.



2) If you feel dryness on hands, apply moisturizer:- Excessive hands washing to avoid spread of germs may leave extremely dry and it may turn itchy . Moisturize your hands well with a good moisturizer to avoid dryness and itchy hands. Avoid harsh cleaners, which cause dryness or disorder to skin with excessive use. Replace your cleansers with mild ones and skin friendly to avoid dryness. Moisturizer containing essential oils like jojoba oil, shea butter oil  which are beneficial ingredients for skin should be preferred for hands to moisturize it daily after excessive use of hand cleansers.

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3)Avoid Contact with Sick People:- Keep safe distance from people who are suffering from severe flu, if got in close contact for communication make sure you take care of yourself by covering your face with a mask to avoid direct contact. Flu can also happen as its an airborne transmitted disease. Precaution to be taken before and after you get in contact with a person suffering from flu. Be at home if you feel flu spread around in your work area to avoid contamination of the disease.



3)Consult you Doctor for Prevention Advice :- Consult your doctor as soon you feel the flu season have started around. Take proper advice and prevention tips from Doctor to avoid sickness from flu. Flu vaccination or Anti viral medicines, to be followed as per your personal doctor’s prescription only. It will help you to prevent sickness from flu.


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5) Boost Your Immune System with Proper Diet and Exercise:- Workout is essential daily to strengthen your immune system. Go for a walk, do jogging or workout in a  gym, but include it in your daily routine to keep your health fit. Eat healthy food, include fresh vegetables and fruits in your daily diet. Fruits containing vitamin C are highly recommended for your health. Plenty of vegetables, nuts, fruits provide nutrients to immune system which are essential for your body


6) Relax your Mind and Body:- It is most essential to relax your mind and body. If its a long hectic day or stressed out day, just spend time doing something which relax your mind. It may be anything you do, which gives peace to your mind and body either listening to music, sleeping or time spent alone. Chances of flu do takes place if you don’t have proper rest. Hectic day, sleepless nights results in health problems. Make sure you daily take 8 hrs sleep. Its actually true Prevention is Better than cure!!!!


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