Causes and Treatments of Black or Brown Worms In Stools

Children are very prone to black or brown worms attacking their intestines. Medical attention has to be sought if this condition is noticed in them because it often times leads to malnourishment.

In extreme cases, black or brown worms lead to medical conditions like allergic reaction and obstruction of the intestines. Presence of worm in the intestines isn’t exclusive to children alone as even adults do suffer from the condition.

Quick facts about Brown worms in stool

  • Age and gender is not a determinant
  • Typical worms include round worms, whip and hookworms. This set of worms, known as helminthes can be seen by the human eye, and they constitute 30% of worm family.
  • When present in a person, the individual can experience weight loss, unquenchable graving of food, pains in the abdomen, tiredness, itching of the anus, bouts of headache and fever, vomiting sensation, anemia, diarrhea and irritability.
  • Diagnosis will include; ultrasound testing of the abdomen, examination of medical history, physical examination, and examining the stool for the presence of ova and cysts.
  • Leads to debilitating health condition
  • When this worms invade the body, they secret toxic substances and feed on vital body nutrient and in so doing causes further health problems.

Reasons why worms are present in stools

  • Consuming contaminated water and food
  • Worms like hookworms can be contacted by making contacts with the soil. This is particularly true when someone walks barefooted.
  • Poor hygiene
  • Contaminated air
  • Staying in a filthy and dirty environment exposes worm to this deadly worms
  • Making contacts with an infected patient
  • Mosquito bites

Treatment for worms in stools

  • Taking anti-helminthes drugs can effectively flush out the worms
  • Surgery will be needed if the worms have blocked the intestines
  • Eating garlic can also be effective in the treatment of worms. This is because garlic contains lots of Sulphur which kills of these worms and at the same time strengthens the immune system of the body.
  • Worms thrive in the presence of meaty foods, processed food and refined carbohydrate. So one good way to get rid of them is by eliminating these foods from one’s diet.
  • Only boiled water and well cooked food should be taken
  • Kids should be discouraged from playing on bare soils. But if they must, they will have to wear footwear and should be dewormed frequently
  • Good hygiene practices should be strictly adhered to. Good hygiene is as simple as getting the hands washed, washing bed spreads and wearing clean clothes.
  • Extreme caution has to be exercised when eating or taking water when traveling.
  • The anal area has to be thoroughly cleaned after making use of the toilet.

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