What Causes Brown Spots On Sclera? How To Remove Them Naturally?

The white part of the eye that surrounds the cornea is known as Sclera. Basically the sclera has a white colour with a mild bluish tinge. Individuals who are dark skinned have a sclera which is slightly darker and this is linked to the presence of pigmentation and the benign racial refer to it as melanosis.

It is crucial to study the reason for brown spots on the sclera, as some may be harmful to the health of individuals.

In most situations, brown spots on sclera can be mild, but there are some situations where help may be needed. Some of these cases include;

  • Utilisation of specific medications like chlorpromazine can result in brownish spots on the sclera.
  • Consumption of gold or other metal poisoning is also associated with this condition.
  • Some persons may experience brown discoloration in the eye which may have been there from birth or it grows with age. In most situations, the spots are harmless and favourable.
  • Haemorrhage or bleeding in the sclera can also result to brownish spots. In most situations brown spots are a sign of blood clot presence in the vascular structure underneath the sclera.
  • Unneeded exposure to the sun can also result in brownish discoloration if the sclera.

How To Get Rid Of Brown Spots On Sclera Naturally?

Here are some crucial tips that can aid in minimising the brown spot formation on the sclera naturally.

It is crucial to contact an ophthalmologist to determine the underlying reason for the creation of these spots. If this condition is mild, natural treatments and home remedies can be utilised.

  • The key to minimising brownish discoloration of the sclera is protection from the sun. Utilise sunglasses that shield the eyes from ultraviolet radiations.
  • Ingest freshly grinded garlic flakes alongside a glass of water. Sulphur is in garlic and it aids in the detoxification of the body.
  • Dandelion roots are said to be significant in the detoxification of the body when the reason for brown spots on sclera is considered to be heavy metal poisoning. Dandelion roots enhance the function of the liver and aid in cleansing the blood.
  • Vitamin C and E supplements are essential as they are filled with antioxidants and thereby aid in enhancing natural immunity and battling toxins. Add foods like citrus fruits and nuts in your diet to enhance the supply of these vitamins naturally.
  • Limit the consumption of meat and sea food so the intake of heavy metals in your diet can be controlled. Avoid canned or tinned foods and go for natural and organic foods instead.
  • Ingest at least some slices of onions during meals. Onions serve as a natural blood thinner and aids in averting clot formation. Nonetheless, individuals who suffer from bleeding or clothing disorders should avoid ingesting surplus onions in their diet.
  • Homeopathy is essential because it battles brown spots on the sclera. Arnica Montana is known to be very significant in battling dark spots linked with blood vessel damage. Arnica aids in reabsorbing the blood clots and aids in dealing with brown spots in sclera.
  • Talk to your physician and find out if the brown spots are associated to any of the medications. Ask for a replacement in medication if possible.

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