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Does Oatmeal Bath Benefits Hives and Eczema with Severe Itching?

Oatmeal has several benefits to the health and the benefits of oatmeal for skincare has been proven and tested ages back. The most recognized way of curing skin conditions like eczema and hives is by dipping in an oatmeal bath. It helps in soothing the skin from itching. Here are several significance of Oatmeal bath… Read More »

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Vaginal Abrasion: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment & Home Remedies

A common problem that most women have to deal with at some of time in life is vaginal abrasion.  An abrasion is basically a scraped area on the mucus membrane of vagina that is definitely not a pleasant thing to go through. Lack of lubrication can result in friction or irritation on the skin, thus… Read More »

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Does Diabetes Result in Itchy Shins and How to Identify Its Causes?

Itchy Shins The shin is the situated precisely on the anterior part of the lower leg, right underneath the knee. It is commonly recognized as the shinbone, the leg quarter ahead of the tibia. This bone is where the part gets its name from. Itchiness in this part may come before an inflammation or irritation… Read More »

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