Causes Of Yellow Feet And Hands: How Can You Get Rid Of It?

If you have been experiencing skin discoloration lately and do not know the reason for it, it can be quite disturbing. The etiological reason may be benign and the discoloration may respond speedily to the medications, but yellow discoloration would mean that there is a particular substance which may be posing burden over your body.

There can be numerous reasons which may be causing yellowish skin. It is therefore essential to speak with your doctor to find out the underlying cause for the condition.

female feet and hands

There can be an immense reason for worry if the feet tend to become yellow in color. Guidance of a health care professional must be sought in such a case. A few investigations might be recommended to you to decide the exact cause for yellow feet. Some of these investigations would include X-Ray, blood test, and even sonogram.

What Causes Yellow Feet And Hands?

Some causes for the yellowish feet and hands are listed below:

  • One of the major symptoms can be jaundice which can occur because of high levels of bilirubin in blood. There can be different reasons for jaundice. Bilirubin buildup can damage the liver badly as it is accumulation of old RBCs. Too many RBCs retiring can affect the liver. Moreover, disorder in biliary duct can end up in bilirubin buildup. And the bilirubin that doesn’t escape forms yellow pigmentation on the skin. Neonatal jaundice is quite common. However some of the serious causes for jaundice can be malaria, pancreatic cancer, hepatitis, or cirrhosis.
  • Yellow nails can suggest something stopping the nails from growing. And some reasons for this condition can be lymphedema and even respiratory disorders.
  • Excessive buildup of beta carotene can result in a harmless condition called as Hypercarotenemia. On intake of food products rich in beta carotene including oranges, carrots, spinach, and sweet potatoes, one can develop this condition. Because of the same, soles of your feet even the palms become a bit yellowish. This condition often is related to anorexia nervosa.
  • TNT poisoning can cause yellow discoloration in feet and hands. Whoever handles these explosives can get a reaction from nitro groups which react with pigment melanin.

Get Rid Of Yellow Hands And Feet

In case you find out that your hands and feet remain yellow for longer time then it is best to consult a health care professional. One must understand the underlying cause for the discoloration and a diagnosis must be done for the same.

  • After all the tests as well as investigations are performed, the doctor is going to decide the right line of treatment.
  • It is easy to deal with reasons such as anemia and hypercarotenemia by reducing consumption of beta carotene. Iron rich food can be consumed to treat anemia.
  • However causes like malaria, cancer, and even hepatitis must be treated properly.
  • Lastly correct medication as well as surgical care can be used for treating yellow discoloration caused by respiratory conditions.

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