Stuffy Head: Causes, Symptoms and treatment

We have all at some point in our life suffered from stuffy head which in most cases is accompanied by runny nose. Stuffy head is caused by common cold which is often as a result of viral infection.

This condition is often triggered when one inhales dust particles. Stuffy head is most times accompanied by restlessness and dull headache, caused by severe sinusitis. Acute sinuses develop when mucus builds up in large mass in the sinuses, thus obstructing the nasal passage. The result of this is heaviness and a burning sensation which makes you feel as though your head is tight.

The headache caused by cold is oftentimes known as head cold. Dust and flu allergens when they find their way into the respiratory tract causes cold and running nose.

Symptoms of stuffy head

  • Sensation of heaviness on the forehead
  • Slight pain accompanied by dullness sensation
  • Obstruction of the nasal passage
  • Sneezing
  • Runny nose
  • Frequent nasal discharge
  • Discoloration of nasal mucus to yellow or green
  • Uneasiness in the eye socket
  • Lethargic sensation
  • Reddening of the eyes, which will then be followed by cold
  • The pain caused by stuffy head is mostly felt in the morning when leading in the forward or backward direction.
  • Body pains
  • Feverish feeling

Treatment methods for stuffy head

Stuffy nose is the first symptom displayed by a patient suffering from cold. This will then be followed by stuffy head sensation, mostly felt close to the nose and forehead.

  • Steam inhalation is the most effective treatment for stuffy head. To treat, fill a pot with water and then boil for some time. After boiling, stoop slightly with your head inclining towards the steaming water. Ensure your head is covered with a towel when inhaling the steam. Doing this will melt away the thick mucus, making it drain off easily away from the nose. The uneasiness caused by the stuffy head and nose will be relieved.
  • Frequent drinking of water also helps.
  • Stuffy head can also be relieved by eating chicken broth and soup.
  • Foods with lots of spice can help discharge accumulated mucus in the nose. This will in turn make the head feel better after suffering stuffiness.
  • Eating onions is also another fool-proof treatment for stuffy head and nose. It works both when inhaled and eaten. Onions contain decongestants which help dispel mucus from the nose.

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