Cellulitis Of The Nose Symptoms: Causes And How To Treat It?

Cellulitis is a skin condition which occurs when subcutaneous tissues beneath the skin layer suffers inflammation due to bacterial infection. This is quite a common problem suffered by children and adults alike.

It mostly affects the frontal part of the nose. When it happens, the nose reddens, gets swollen and becomes soft.

Streptococcal and staphylococcal bacteria are the two major bacteria responsible for this problem. It affects both genders and can develop at any age. The skin and the underlying tissues become infected as a result of cuts or bruises around the nose. This bacteria multiplies exponentially when they find their way into the skin around the nose.

This is why it is important for the treatment to commence immediately the problem is noticed to avoid it from spreading to the brain. Treatment can be done using anti-inflammatory drugs and some antibiotics.

Causes of Cellulitis developing on the nose

Streptococcus and staphylococcus which are both responsible for cellulitis developing on the nose are transmitted via insect bite or injury. The chances of getting infected is higher when one swims with an injured nose in fresh or sea water. Games like boxing and wrestling which exposes one nose injury, is also responsible for cellulitis developing on the nose. Leaving an injured nose uncovered after an injury increases the chances of being affected by bacteria.

This condition is prevalent in ladies as they are the ones that piece their nose the most. When the nasal skin suffers cut, there is every possibility that the bacteria responsible for impetigo will penetrate the injured skin. Diabetic patients and those with low immunes system are at a high risk of contracting cellulitis.

When the nose becomes affected, it gets swollen, developing an orange color. Touching it creates a burning sensation. Headache often accompanies the condition. If left unchecked, it often spreads to the periorbital area. Other symptoms that accompany cellulitis include high pulse rate, fever and chill. Pain and severe irritation are also some very common symptoms. If left unattended to, cellulitis will eventually spread to the sinuses and eventually the brain, eventually leading to meningitis.

Treatment for cellulitis on the nose

There are lots of quick and effective treatments for cellulitis. The infection has a high spread rate and if left unchecked reaches the sinuses and the brain quickly further complicating the problem. The infection is spreads through the body via the blood stream.

Antibiotic medication is often the recommended form of treatment for the condition. This is because antibiotics can effective hinders further spread of the infection. Anti-inflammatory medication is prescribed alongside antibiotics so as to ease the pain caused by cellulitis.

Cold fomentation can also be used to mitigate the pain and irritation caused by cellulitis. Cold fomentation should be sought the moment cellulitis is observed on the nose. Get a clean piece of cloth and soak in cold water. Squeeze water out of the cloth and then place it on the nose. Take away the cloth once it dries. This should be repeated daily until some tangible result is noticed.

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