Chalazion Removal Surgery Aftercare: How to Remove Chalazion

Various times, you may come in contact with people who have a nodular swelling in the inner eyelid. This swelling is known as Chalazion. It is also recognized as meibomian cyst.

There are various little meibomian gland located in the eyelids. When the gland is obstructed, the oily fluid cant be drained out and it gathers in the gland. This leads to the development of a lump in the inner part of the eyelid called Chalazion. A chalazion is usually developed in the upper eyelids, but it isn’t compulsory ad it might sometimes crop up on the lower eyelid.

Chalazion is mostly seen among children in comparison to adults. Women and men are both impacted by this eyelid issue which is common. Bad hygienic care of eyelids and eyes combined with local eye infection are the two main causes of chalazion formation. A chalazion is developed slowly overtime. The lump is usually not painful except there is a secondary bacterial infection. A chalazion which is infected is red, swollen and painful.

Surgery For Chalazion Removal

There are various ways for chalazion removal. A person may choose removal surgically after exhausting all avenues of conservative treatment.

Removing surgically is the fasted way of treating chalazion, nonetheless, just like all surgical procedures it has its pros and cons.

The removal is done under anesthesia. Removal of the little cyst from the inner part of the eyelid takes only a few minutes after a small incision is made. Ones the material is taken out, the eye is bandaged by the surgeon. There is no suture required for the cut is little and healing takes place without issues in most situations without leaving any scars.

Chalazion Surgery Aftercare

There may be a little discomfort or pain in the eyelid which was operated on after you go home. To ease the swelling and pain, you will be required to take medications which were prescribed. The eye shield and eye pad will be taken off after 8 to 10 hours. Glasses should be worn after eye pad removal if you wear glassing. But, putting on contact lens immediately after the operation isn’t supported. It can be one after nine to ten weeks or on the doctor’s advice.

Take care in ensuring water does not get into the eyes. Washing the hair and face with water should be avoided for 8 to 10 days. Computer activities or things that strain the eyes continuously should be avoided.

How to Remove Chalazion Without Surgery?

Most times, a hard lump of chalazion is minimized by utilizing conservative methods.

  • To start with, warm compress is useful. Warm compress should be applied at least 3 to 4 times daily frequently for two weeks. Warm compresses aid the accumulated oil which is hardened to get soft and be easily drained out.
  • Gently massaging the eyelids may aid in the opening of blocked glands and the draining of accumulated oily liquid.
  • Sulphur and staphysagria which are homoeopathic medicines are efficient in the treatment of chalazion which is recurrent.
  • A few leaves of guava should be warmed and covered with clean clothes. Then the clothes should be placed alongside the warm leaves on the affected parts of the eyelids. The guava leaves will aid in the reduction of pain and swelling. It will also aid in removing the meibomian gland blockage.

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