Causes of Congestive Prostatitis – Its Prevention and Remedies

Prostatitis is a situation which is symbolized by the swelling of the prostate glands and affects males who experience enlargement of the prostrate. While there are various kinds of prostatitis; non bacterial or bacterial, congestive prostatitis is symbolized by the gathering of liquid in the gland.

The most common reasons linked with congestive prostatitis include extended arousal without ejaculation of withdrawing at the moment of ejaculation. These conditions can lead to the gathering of fluids in the prostate gland leading to the condition.  There are other causes which include;

  • Pain in the testicles during orgasm which is because of blood congestions in the blood vessels which supply the genital
  • The pain usually averts ejaculation
  • Surplus alcohol consumption
  • Prostate cancer
  • Cysts in the urinary tract
  • Repetitive constipation
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Lack of hormone balance mostly during andropause. Males between 55-65 are affected
  • Sedentary lifestyle which is linked to sitting for long periods.

The condition might be observed in younger children or adults but is more frequent in old people.

How To Prevent Congestive Prostatitis?

There are specific lifestyle tips that can aid in averting congestive prostatitis

  • A sexual life which is healthy is the core point of managing this condition
  • Ejaculating too frequently is dangerous to the prostrate
  • Excess weight has been associated to this condition so a healthy diet which focuses in managing an ideal weight is important in averting this condition
  • For individuals with desk jobs, taking frequent breaks are important to avert complications in this condition. Frequent exercise aid in enhancing circulation of blood and averting congestion
  • Minimize the consumption of alcohol. Drink a lot of fluid to avert infection of the unitary tract which can lead to a prostatitis episode
  • Frequent visit to the office of the urologist is crucial to pinpoint symptoms and take preventive measures.

Natural Remedies For Congestive Prostatitis

The condition isn’t severe and symptoms are treated in a few weeks. There are specific options for treatment that naturally aid in managing the condition.

  • Frequent massage of the prostate gland can aid in relieving the swelling and make provision for pain relief. A typical massage of the prostate gland is carried out through the anus and hence should be varied our by a trained medical expert
  • Some experts recommend that masturbating once in three days can aid in minimizing congestion in the prostate gland and helps in the releasing of build up fluid’
  • Sits bath have been considered useful in aiding to minimize the possibility of bacterial infection. A few drops of tea tree oil should be added to bath water and the genitals should be soaked for around 10-15minutes in it.
  • Herbs which include Nettle and Echinacea are significant in minimising swelling and congestion.  These herbs need to be ingested as directed by a medical practitioner
  • Frequent walks for around 30 minutes are the most appropriate exercise for prostate gland and aids in reliving the symptoms of enlargement. This is said to be the most appropriate way of massaging the prostate gland.
  • Homeopathic drug Phytollaca is very beneficial in soothing the symptoms of prostate congestion
  • Pumpkin seeds are ideal in battling benign prostate enlargement. Pumpkin seed which is roasted should be ingested once weekly.

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