Crackling And Gurgling Sound In Chest: Know The Causes And Treatment

Question: I have been visiting my acupuncturist for several months now to treat my thyroid nodule. The acupuncturist has recommended that a collection of acupuncture as well as phlegm can shrink it.

However since a week, I have been sensing some crackling and bubbling sound in my chest’s left side.

This is the first time I have experienced such a sound and that is why I cannot communicate about the problem properly. Is it phlegm in the lungs? Or is there any complication with the heart? But there is no pain at all or wheezing. I am really nervous.


What Are The Causes For Crackling And Gurgling Sound In Chest?

There can be numerous factors which can cause crackling and gurgling sensation in chest. Some major reasons for the condition are discussed below:

  • Indigestion is one of the major reasons that can cause crackling sound in chest. More than often, the symptom can be because of loss of appetite or retro-sternal burning.
  • Another reason for such symptoms can be cough in lungs or accumulated phlegm. But in this case, the symptom can be related to breathlessness and fever. Patients experiencing asthma especially chronic cases can hear wheezing sound in chest.
  • Heart troubles may not account for loud sound like gurgling but valvular defect in heart can result in such sensations. This can be associated with other common symptoms like bluish discoloration, exertion, or tiredness.

Treating Gurgling And Crackling Sound In Chest

It is extremely important to know the underlying cause resulting in gurgling and crackling. With a simple X ray it can be confirmed if the condition is because of the lungs. Sometimes, gaseous distention can also be examined in the X ray.

Nonetheless, take a look at some tips which can help put a stop to this problem, after being diagnosed properly.

  • Stay away from fatty and starchy food at all costs. It is important for you to consume food that can be digested easily. Just don’t skip meals. Eat frequently after proper intervals. These changes can prove really beneficial especially when this problem is concerned with gastric troubles.
  • Consult a doctor and get checked for cardiac anomalies. Go for echocardiography.
  • If you have congestion in lungs, you should get Homeopathic drug Antimony Tart. You will be able to naturally eliminate phlegm in the chest.
  • Don’t consume alcohol and quite smoking. This can make the condition worse.
  • You should also drink mixture of honey, water, and turmeric twice a day. This will stop rumbling in the stomach.

And for the thyroid nodule, there are some home remedies apart from acupuncture that can be tried.

  • Lack of iodine can result in thyroid nodule.
  • Therefore, you should consume food rich in iodine including eggs, seafood, yoghurt, fish, strawberries, as well as shellfish.
  • Instead of using plain salt, iodized salt should be used.
  • Include kelp in soups and tea as it contains plenty of iodine.
  • Bladderwark herb can be consumed to ease the condition.
  • Lastly, garlic can better the thyroid nodule as it is rich in iodine.

Apart from all this, it is also essential for you to get blood investigation T3, T4, and TSH for thyroid hormones.

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