Cuts on Tongue: Causes and Treatment

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Cuts on Tongue: Causes and Treatment

  • Someone whose tongue has suffered cuts oftentimes feels a sharp pain when his/her tongue makes contact with foods that contain acids.
  • Bumps, soreness, pain, swelling and minor bleeding are some of the symptoms that accompany the condition
  • Certain kinds of tongue ulcer like aphthous ulcer are also responsible for cuts on the tongue. Though mostly painless, cuts on the tongue most times cause slight bleeding and a burning sensation.

Causes of cuts on the tongue

  • Biting the tongue mistakenly leads to cuts, which in turn causes bleeding. This is mostly experienced when sleeping or talking.
  • Foods like fish, chips and certain vegetables with sharp points often inflict injury on the tongue.
  • Low level of essential vitamins like B and C increases the chances of cuts on the tongue.
  • Blows on the face
  • Eating hot meals causes the tongue to develop blisters which in turn leads to cut.
  • Stress
  • Faulty immune system. Some kinds of ailment are also responsible for cuts on the tongue.
  • Asthma, eczema and allergic reaction.
  • Hormonal surges. This is mostly experienced by women going through pregnancy, menopause and menstrual cycle.
  • Geographic tongue. This condition is associated with the appearance of cracks, discoloration and cuts, caused by inflammation and irritation.

Ways of treating cuts on the tongue

Left on its own, cuts on the tongue would go away with time. Studies have shown that the uniqueness of the tongue comes from its ability to naturally heal itself quickly. Certain forms of treatment can be used to quickly relieve the pain and discomfort caused by cuts on the tongue

  • One incredibly simple way of treating the condition is by adding a little quantity of salt in water (warm water). The mixture should then be gargled as many times as possible in a day.
  • Adding vitamin to one’s diet also helps
  • Milk of magnesia can also be used as a remedy. Simply get the affected area washed with it.
  • Eating cold foods would help ease up the pain.
  • Add water to baking power. Stir slightly until a paste is formed. Then add the paste on the affected area and leave for some minutes.
  • Honey is another effective home treatment remedy for cuts on the tongue.
  • Use of Neem leaf powder would also help
  • Washing the mouth with garlic
  • Proper dental hygiene is a must
  • Applying canker sore drops

If the cuts do not fade after using any of these remedies or when no noticeable healing is noticed after a long period of time, quickly consult with a doctor.

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