Dropsy Diseases: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Dropsy popularly called as edema is a condition in which swelling of the body takes place as the fluids get accumulated. This can affect any organ, most frequently though it is observed in the feet, ankles, as well as legs.

Dropsy doesn’t always indicate a serious problem though and most of the times it can be treated at home only. For speedy recovery, it is important for a patient to be diagnosed properly.


Dropsy is condition where the tissues of the body get swelled as the interstitial fluids in the body cells get clotted. There are different known causes for the accumulation of fluid in the body cells.

What Are The Major Causes Of Dropsy Disease

Veins transport impure blood from the body to the heart for purification. Venous stagnation causes the fluid accumulation into the cells thus causing edema and swelling. This further leads to blood thickening which even aggravates the stagnation more.

There are numerous causes which can result in dropsy. Few reasons are physiological while some are pathological. Pregnancy is one of the major causes of this condition, however it subsides after the child is born.

There can be many other factors leading to this condition, which include liver cirrhosis as well as deep vein thrombosis. Some other less disturbing causes for dropsy are menstrual irregularity, some medicines or even intake of salt. Sitting in the same position for longer hours can lead to this condition as well.

Signs Of Dropsy Disease

  • Swelled feet with a little puffiness
  • Swelling in Legs and ankles and sometimes even the hands and face
  • Stretched and shinny skin
  • Pitting edema, basically a dimple that forms on the skin because of extra pressure

Other Symptoms To Watch Out For Are:

  • Breathlessness
  • Abdominal pain
  • Reduced renal output

Treatment For Dropsy Disease

The treatment of this condition is mostly dependent on the causes which may have triggered it. There are a few home remedies and even alternative therapies that prove helpful.

  • Avoid consuming too much salt in your diet. It is retains water in the body and can make the condition unbearable.
  • Excess water from the body can be reduced by simply taking homeopathic drug called as Arsenic Alb as it is a diuretic.
  • Elevated legs can help you move the blood flow towards the heart.
  • To trigger blood flow to the heart, go for short walks.

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