Causes of Dry Lips During Pregnancy and How to Treat it?

Pregnancy results to a lot of enjoyment and joy in women. Nonetheless, there are various symptoms which are inconvenient that pregnant women face during pregnancy. The good news is the fact that after the baby is born, these symptoms improve.

Majority of these symptoms are linked with metabolic activities in the body that have been altered and hormonal changes in the body after conception. Abnormal food craving, back aches, heartburn, stretch marks, continuous urination among others are some of the issues pregnant women usually experience. Apart from the above issues,  a lot of women complain of dry mouth and lips as well as dry skin.

The seriousness of dryness differs from one woman to another. It could be minor, moderate or critical. Dry lips are mostly painful especially when they are fissured and chapped. The condition becomes worse in winter.

Causes for Dry Lips during Pregnancy

Pregnancy results to various changes in the body of a woman. Majority of them are because of the elevated hormonal level and metabolic activities in a pregnant woman. Dry skin and dry lips may be experienced by some women because of the reduction of oil secretion and loss of elasticity. Dehydration is another crucial reason for dry lips because of an elevation in metabolic activities in the body of pregnant women.

Since the body begins to store elevated amount of water to increase the volume of blood during pregnancy. The skin surface is dehydrated. Also, urinating frequently can result to loss of fluid. The months of winter are harsh on pregnant women, especially for her lips as they are more likely to patch and crack more than normal women. Licking frequently can also result to dryness of lips.

How to Treat Lip Drying during Pregnancy?

Having a dry lip during pregnancy isn’t a severe condition. In most situations, it can be treated with simple home remedies. Nonetheless, there is a condition called gestational diabetes which means that diabetes will be developed during pregnancy. It is essential to consult a physician when a woman has gestational diabetes alongside dry lips.

Some of the home remedies which are efficient for dry lips while pregnant include;

  • Ensure your body is kept well dehydrated. Consuming adequate water and fluid will aid this
  • Coconut oil should be applied to the lips. Coconut oil isn’t dangerous during pregnancy. The oil ensures your lip is kept moist and the parched lips are healed in days.
  • Cucumber slices should be rubbed on the dry lips as frequently as possible. Cucumber aids in hydrating the dry lip skin and keeping it moist. It also aids in minimizing the pain as a result of dryness.
  • Another crucial home remedy for dry lips is the application of milk cream. It should be applied twice daily to prevent and treat dry lips
  • Aloe Vera gel is another crucial natural remedy for dry lips in pregnancy. Fresh aloe vera gel extracted by cutting the leaf of the aloe Vera should be applies. It aids in keeping the lips moist.
  • Cheap lipsticks should not be used and further dryness should be averted
  • Castor oil can also be applied on the lips to ensure they are kept smooth and moist during pregnancy
  • Additional precaution has to be taken to avert lips dryness during the winter months. Dry and rough lip surfaces should first be exfoliated by rubbing tenderly. It is crucial to not pick the dead skin from the lips while exfoliating because it will start to bleed. After that, coconut oil or Vaseline should be applied to ensure the lips are kept well moisturized.
  • Foods that are potent in vitamin B, C and A should be consumed like carrots, milk, spinach, tomatoes, legumes, green leafy vegetables, fruit juices and beets. All the essential nutrients are needed to ensure your body is kept well nourished during pregnancy.

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