Early Signs of Pregnancy

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Most women are very anxious to know if they are pregnant or not. While taking a pregnancy test is the only 100% sure way to know for sure if you are pregnant, there are signs and symptoms that you may look for before your missed period.



If you have been extremely tired lately, you may be pregnant. Due to increased hormones, your body becomes more easily fatigued.


Shortness of breath

As the fetus develops, it requires more oxygen which is being taken from you. So you may feel a little short of breath. As the baby grows and begins to take up more space, shortness of breath will increase.


Dizzy Spells

If you have felt dizzy or have fainted recently, you may be pregnant. This is caused by low blood pressure or increased blood pressure.

Sore breasts

Your breasts or nipples may become more tender during pregnancy. This may become more prominent as the pregnancy goes on.



You may start to have cramps and bloating that feel like you are getting your period.



Due to the changing hormones within your body, you may start to notice that you are getting frequent headaches.



If you do not normally have back problems, this may be the sign of your ligaments loosening to prepare for the extra weight that you will be carrying very soon.


Shifts in Mood

Crying a TV commercials or for something else that seems silly? Sudden shifts in mood may also be a tell tale sign you are expecting.


Nausea or Vomiting

Sudden nausea or vomiting at any given time can also be signs of pregnancy.

Food cravings

Beware of unusual food cravings, though this usually does not happen this early in pregnancy.

Frequently Urinating

Due to increased body fluids, you may have to go to the bathroom more than normal.

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