Eczema On Lips: Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment

Most of you would have heard about a condition called eczema that is characterized usually by red and itchy skin. It is not a dangerous condition but can be irritating.

Also called as dermatitis, some conditions can trigger this condition including allergic substances as well as genetic structures. The biggest relief is that eczema isn’t contagious.

It is a chronic skin disease that must be managed using a multi disciplinary approach. One can find relief from the condition by staying away from allergens and irritants. Stress should also be avoided.


What Causes Eczema On Lips?

Eczema can develop on any part of the skin of your body, be it knees, back, face, or even elbows. However, the saddest part is a person developing eczema on face, feet, lips, and even hands. in such cases, one has to treat the problem well and the worst part, answer questions regarding the same.

There can be various causes of eczema on lips, one of which can be a previous history of eczema on any other part of the body. Other causes can be an exceptionally dry skin, stress, or even allergy to some food products.

What Are The Symptoms Of Eczema On Lips?

Eczema can be difficult and extremely distressful to deal with. You will see small red patched beginning to appear on the lips. These patches can be dry, itchy, and even inflamed. They may even ooze out. In some cases, the skin present on the lips can even crack open. You can see formation of yellow crust in this case.

How To Get Rid Of Eczema On Lips: Home Remedies

You can ward away the symptoms related to eczema by incorporating a few home remedies in your routine.

  • Keep lips moisturized and treat eczema effectively with the help of Shea butter. Just massage your lips with the butter and let it remain there overnight. This will protect lips from eczema and will prevent drying as well as cracking of lips.
  • An excellent remedy for treating eczema on lips is flax seeds. These seeds have omega fatty acids which can fight eczema well. It is best to intake 3-5 tsp flax seeds every day.
  • Your daily menu should include carrots, prunes, papayas, as well as mangoes. It would be best to include Vitamin A in your diet as it keeps you healthy and your skin free from all diseases.
  • Compensate all the dietary deficiencies by consuming omega fatty acid supplements. Recommendation of a dermatologist in this matter can be of great help.
  • Another great therapy for treating eczema on lips is essential oils. It is certainly one of the best treatments for eczema. Some essential oils such as lavender oil or carrot seed oil have great healing properties. Apply this oil frequently on the affected site.
  • Eczema can happen because of allergic reactions on a daily basis. You may develop allergy due to soaps, lipsticks, and any such product. It is best to keep away from products containing paraben or even sodium laurel sulfate.
  • Many people will notice that they develop eczema due to some food products, so they should stay away from that particular item.
  • Harsh fragrances or chemicals must be avoided at all costs. It is best to use fragrances which are gentle and mild.
  • Some minor alterations to the lifestyle can come as a great benefit. Don’t smoke or intake alcohol. Always avoid oily and spicy food. Stress should also be avoided.

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