Epididymal Cyst Causes: Symptoms, Prevention and Natural Cures

The production of sperm is carried out in the testicular follicles in the testes and kept in epididymis. This is a long tube which is narrow and goes from the testes into the urethra before the prostrate gland.

One of the cysts filled with fluid may develop near the testicles occasional and this is known as epididymal cysts. In most situations these cysts are not harmful but they might grow into bigger cysts called spermatoceles.

Currently the insights as to why cysts are developed isn’t properly understood yet, though in some situations it has been associated to stagnation and over production because of lack of ejaculation.

In most situations, a medical professional will carry out physical examination that will aid in the conformation of the diagnosis for the condition. Sometimes investigations may be carried out which include FNAC or sonography to aid in confirming the diagnosis.

Prevention And Natural Cure For Epididymal Cysts

Treatment is needed to battle with epididymal cysts in most situations. Nonetheless, there are home based treatment options that are simple and may be useful.

  • Frequent masturbation was recommended by experts to aid in the release of gathered sperm. This averts the cyst from enlarging and also averts secondary infections because of elongated stagnation.  Too much masturbation on the other hand may be related to an elevated risk of cyst formation. It is recommended by experts that ejaculating two or four times weekly is ideal.
  • Avert putting on undergarments that are too tight. This could minimize the sperm production which could lead to cyst formation in the epididymis and testes.
  • Ensure adequate precautions are taken to avert infection of the unitary tract. These infections may lead to epididymis infections which may serve as triggers or worsen already existent cysts. To maintain urethral hygiene, take in adequate amount of water.
  • Pumpkin seeds are ideal in the prevention of cyst formation in the testes. The seeds should be boiled in warm water and ingested while hot.
  • Tomatoes are also associated with minimized possibility of cyst formation. Tomatoes are made up of lycopenes which are antioxidants that avert damage to the tissues and infections.
  • Homeopathy can be utilized in the efficient treatment of cysts. Sepia and phytollaca are drugs that can be utilized in battling cysts in the endocrinal organs; these remedies are recommended by the homeopath and are taken in dosages. Frequent follow up with your doctor is crucial in reviewing the improvement of the condition.

In conditions which treatment can’t be carried out with home remedies, Intervention surgically cannot be avoided. In most situations, surgery is carried out using local Anastasia and total recovery is about 7-10 days. Surgical removal even if successful is frequently liked to cysts relapse or reoccurrence.

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