Causes Of Eyelid Wrinkles: How To Get Rid Of Them Naturally?

Ageing is an inevitable and irreversible part of living. Our body changes in so many ways when we age. One of the common marks of ageing is the wrinkle of the eyelids.

But this is not to say that wrinkling of the eyelids isn’t hereditary. On its own, wrinkling of the eyes does not inflict any pain; people get rid of it due to the bad look it gives them. Most see it as an embarrassment, which in the end leads to low self-esteem.

The good news is that this problem can be solved by simple change of lifestyle which may include but not limited to quitting smoking, minimizing exposure to UV rays etc.

Though you might never get to completely eliminate wrinkles on your eyes, there are some natural ways through which you can minimize its visibility.

Causes of Wrinkles on the eyelids

There are several factors responsible for the wrinkling of the eyelids. They come naturally with aging. This is because aging causes the glands beneath the skin to lose its ability to secrete oil the skin needs. The end result is the wrinkling of the skin.

Also, ageing causes the subcutaneous fat that helps the skin stay tight to decrease, hence leading to the sagging and wrinkling of the skin. Collagen and elastin which helps the skin stay elastic is also lost. All these factors contribute to the wrinkling of the eyelids.

Habits such as smoking, alcohol consumption and excessive exposure to sunlight lead to the wrinkling of the eyelids. Other factors that lead to premature wrinkling of the eyelids includes; excessive use of facial expression in conducting non-verbal communication, weight loss, unfriendly weather condition, reading under dim light for a long period of time.

Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of Eyelid Wrinkles

Medical procedures such as plastic surgery and Botox therapy can be used in the treatment of wrinkled eyelids. The problem however is that they are expensive. The best alternative for this problem is using home remedies as they are quite cheap and do not hurt. The only drawback is that it will take a long while for results to be seen. It is very important to provide your skin with sufficient moisture. This is to ensure that damage done to skin cells is small. The simplest way of providing your skin with sufficient moisture is to drink sufficient water. 8-9 glasses of water a day should do.

  • Massage the affected spot with coconut oil or castor oil. This helps increase blood flow and at the same time provides the skin with moisture, thus keeping away wrinkling.
  • Slice up a piece of potato. Place a slice on your eyelid and leave for 15 minutes
  • Cucumber works well on wrinkled eyelids. Slice up a piece of cucumber and place on your eyelids. Do this every day until you observe results.
  • Mash up turmeric and sugarcane into paste. Then apply the paste on your eyes and leave for 10 minutes. Use cold water and wash off the paste. Doing this regularly improves the physical appearance of the eyelids.
  • Applying almond on your skin supplies vitamin E which it needs to stay healthy. Massaging the eyelids with almond oil relieves one off wrinkled eyelids
  • Do away with smoking and alcohol consumption.
  • Protect your eyes from harmful rays by wearing protective sunshade.

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