Fat Deposit under the Skin: Causes and Treatment

Our skin is without doubt the largest organ of the body, covering the entire body. Different layers consisting of tissue cells and muscle cells can be found in the skin.

The body deposits fat under the skin, which will act as a natural insulator against diseases like hyperthermia. Though harmless, excessive deposition of fat under the skin leads to the development of ugly looking lumps, as well as cell deposits which builds up randomly around the skin.

What you should know about fat deposit under the skin

Before treating, it is important to have a proper understanding about fat deposition under the skin

  • When accumulated under the skin, deposited fat causes the skin layers to develop an undulating look.
  • Fat deposit under the skin poses no threat, and so should not be feared. They also do not inflict any form of pain as they are composed solely of adipose tissues. Most people confuse fat deposition under the skin for tumors and cancerous formation.
  • Though causing no harm, fat deposition causes the sufferer’s self-confidence to dip.
  • People suffering from fat deposition are most times conscious of the condition, thus causing their self-esteem to suffer adversely.
  • Most times, fat deposition causes the skin to develop uneven lumps, further affecting the self-esteem of the sufferer.
  • Poor health sometimes causes fat deposition
  • Fat deposition can be indicative of health complications suffered by the body internally. This is because poor health condition causes the body to deposit fat discriminately. When this happens, internal body organs would end up getting wrapped in fat.
  • This means fats under the wrapped organs will first have to be eliminated before ridding the skin off the deposited fat.
  • Though mostly harmless, deposited fat can greatly affect the overall health of the affected patient. Patients who are overweight are mostly likely to suffer fat deposition.

Causes of Fat deposition

Our body has been conditioned to store fat in the skin especially when it gets excess. To generate energy, our body will first have to process food which we give to it. When the body is feed with excessive fat, it is left with no choice but to store some fat under the skin. It does this in an even manner, storing fat in the hips, belly, internal organs and the thighs. This excess fat is circulated through the body via the blood stream, and this increases the chances of the body suffering health complications like diabetes, heart problem and diabetes.

Tips for treating fat deposition under the skin

  • Eating right will help greatly. Every form of Transfats and saturated fat must be eliminated from your meals. They should be substituted with polyunsaturated fat which can be sourced from sunflower oil, olive oil and flax seed oil.
  • Frequent exercising will also help. Exercising for 45 minutes 5 times a week can help boost your body metabolism, thus preventing the accumulation of fat.
  • Eat more vegetables and fresh fruits. Reduce your intake of meat as they contain fat

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