Fluttering In The Ear: Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment

Medically known as Tinnitus, fluttering in the ear is a serious medical condition that is benign in the beginning. However, if the condition is not treated well within time, it can become extremely serious in the later stages.

Patients suffering from the condition will usually hear a sound in their ear, which will become intense during the course of time – from flutter it will change to a roar.

The condition has been classified into subjective and objective tinnitus by the doctors so that it can be easily diagnosed and treated. In subjective tinnitus, fluttering is of temporary nature; while in objective tinnitus, fluttering happens for a long period of time. Subjective tinnitus affects a lot of people, while the objective is concerned with muscular functions of the ear.


Causes Of Fluttering Sound In Ear

Depending on different factors, tinnitus has been classified into objective and subjective. So, you must find the cause of the condition first. The prime reason leading to objective tinnitus is irregular flow of blood in the areas surrounding the ear. Commonly referred to as pulsatile tinnitus, it is rhythmic in nature and is observed when blood flows through jugular vein. Other than this, objective tinnitus can occur when one has blood vessel problems such as aneurysms or irregular contraction of muscles. Other than this, alcohol consumption can also lead to objective tinnitus.

Now subjective tinnitus is mostly a result of overexposure to loud noise, sound, or music for prolonged time. Many people experience subjective fluttering as a side-effect of excessive drug usage. Many a times, people under antibiotics such as ibuprofen or chemo treatment experience such a condition. Apart from this, well quite rarely, but fluttering can occur because of brain disorders causing seizures or tumors.

Symptoms Of Fluttering Noise In Ear

Fluttering noise can be extremely upsetting to deal with; in fact it can be debilitating. There can be a few symptoms quite noticeable about the condition which includes loss of hearing in the due course, loss of balance, and alike. Mostly, tinnitus is one of the early signs of hearing loss.

How To Stop Fluttering In Ear?

To permanently get rid of the condition, one must understand the underlying cause. Exposure to loud noise for long period can lead to fluttering, though it can get cured on its own in the due course. Nonetheless, if fluttering is a result of any medicine’s side-effect then it will last till the time medicine is been used. Some tips which can be really helpful in easing the pain related to fluttering are as follows:

  • You must limit the consumption of aspirin or other antibiotics and over the counter medicines.
  • Including kelp, pineapple, garlic, as well as sea vegetables can be of great help.
  • It is significant to reduce intake of alcohol to a great extent.
  • De-stressing techniques in order to reduce anxiety can be just the right thing to do.
  • In fact homeopathic drugs like thuja can help ease the pain concerned with fluttering.

The bottom line is; to treat tinnitus, one should contact a doctor as soon as possible. In some cases, one has to undergo a surgery as well.

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