Gas Pain In Chest: Symptoms And Home Remedies

Indigestion of food can cause major side effect and that is gas. At times when you do not properly chew your food or consume wrong kind of food, it can result in indigestion.

While eating in hurry, you do not realize that you intake large amount of air as well. Some elements that can trigger build-up of gas in chest are fermented food, beans, potatoes, milk, beans, as well as carbonated drinks. These are the common factors which can cause gas in chest or even stomach area.


If gas gets accumulated frequently in the stomach region, then it can build pressure on food pipe. This accumulation can stretch the food pipe muscles. This ends up offering a sensation of chest pain, often making a person believe it to be a mini heart attack. However, an individual suffering from chest pain shouldn’t take it lightly and must get in touch with a physician. A checkup with a doctor is strongly recommended. In some cases gas pain in stomach can actually be a sign of heart attack. It is therefore necessary to get in touch with a physician to make sure that chest pain isn’t a symptom of heart attack.

Know The Symptoms

The symptoms of gas trapped in chest can differ from individuals to individuals. The signs would also depend on the amount of gas as well as uneasiness it causes when breathing. Some of the symptoms have been discussed below:

  • One of the biggest signs of gas trapped in chest is a feeling of heaviness on the chest area. It feels like someone has placed a heavy thing over the chest.
  • Another common symptom is a bloated abdomen.
  • In some individual’s a stinging pain and sweating is observed. A little walk can make a huge difference.
  • It would be difficult for you to lie down or sleep properly.

Know The Home Remedies

It is important that you confirm with your physician if the pain is gas pain only. So, once confirmed, you should take some preventive steps to put a halt to gas production. Take a look at some of the homes remedies that can come as a great rescue.

  • One sure shot remedies for relieving gas pain from chest is ginger. It helps in digestion of heavy food. All you need to do is include ginger in the food and consume it. Or, you may shred ginger in water and add a spoon full of honey. Drinking this mixture twice can help relieve the discomfort.
  • You can also prepare a mixture of soda bicarbonate with water which facilitates burping. This relieves chest pain.
  • Asafetida is known for relieving gas pain. You can get rid of muscle cramps by simply adding asafetida to a glass of buttermilk.
  • Other than this, you can also use coriander seeds as the ideal remedy to relieve gas pain in chest.

Make sure you do not overeat. Also, try and consume green tea through the day. Just avoid eating food that may cause gas.

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  1. john wood

    I,suffer with Trapped wind which can be Painful, after I take my Daily Tablet,s for Diabetis and Stroke tablet,s ? I, have taken Windeeze, drank boiled water to no Avail, I think after seeing your Reply ref, HEART PROB,S, I WILL, GET THIS CHECKED OUT,


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