Heat Blisters: Causes and Treatment

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As the name implies, heat blisters are caused when heat touches the body. The heat may come from different sources some of which include; steam, sunlight and lots more.

Blisters are basically tiny fluids which fills the skin in tiny quantities. Blisters when erupted secrete watery transparent fluid which when not taken care of becomes hemorrhagic.

Blisters are distributed either symmetrically or asymmetrically around the skin. If the affected area is large, heat blisters will appear in clusters. While some heat blisters are tense, others are flaccid.

Blisters sometimes cause reddening and inflammation of the skin.

Causes of heat blisters

  • Heat is the number one cause of heat blisters. Staying for a very long time under the sun increases the chances of your skin developing heat blisters. When this happens, the affected spot on the skin becomes painful and tender.
  • Burns also causes heat blisters. Skin burn is what results when the skin makes direct contact with hot objects. Spilling hot water accidentally on the skin also leads to heat blisters.
  • Heat rash is a similar skin problem which mostly affects those living in humid and hot regions. Though affecting children the most, adults also suffer from heat rash occasionally. Heat rashes when they affect the skin makes it develop red bumps which form clusters of tiny bumps on the skin. Heat rashes are mostly found in regions such as the chest, elbow, back and neck. Obese persons, especially the females see heat rashes develop in humid areas on their body such as beneath the breast, groin and armpit. Heat rash is sometimes referred to prickly heat.
  • Furthermore, heat blisters affect people whose skins are sensitive to sunlight. In medicine, this condition is known as polymorphic light eruption. People living in the northern part of Europe suffer this condition the most.
  • Heat blisters are also caused by and rough surfaced object rubbing against the skin. Typical of such case is when one wears new footwear. Frequent usage of shovel can cause the palm to develop heat blisters.

Treatment procedure for Heat blisters and rashes

Heat rashes and blisters caused by excessive exposure to sunlight generally do not require any form of treatment, as they would naturally heal on their own. However, there are cases when the blister becomes painful, then followed by mild fever. When this happens, seeking the help of a medical expert becomes important. Below are some simple treatment procedures for taking care of heat blisters.

  • Stay away from sunlight if you have a sensitive skin
  • Compress with cold water
  • Aloe Vera gel is a good remedy
  • No matter what, don’t break the blisters

To treat heat rash, simply stay away from hot environments. If possible, get your room air-conditioned. Ensure the affected spot stays dry at all time –dusting powder can be used for this. Sandalwood powder mixed with can also be used.

If caused by burns, it is important to seek medical attention for heat blisters. Avoid applying ice, and always get your doctor to perform the draining whenever the need arises.

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