Helping Someone Overcome Heroin Addiction

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In order to help someone overcome an addiction to heroin  you must first know what heroin is. It is a drug that belongs to the opiate family of drugs and is a pain killer that is made from opium poppy.

It has been used as a painkiller for nearly 7000 years. It is very addictive and can be smoked, injected, or snorted.  This is a serious matter facing our country today. Here are some tips in helping someone overcome this powerful addiction.

Acknowledge the problem

This is something that nobody wants to hear from a friend or loved one, that they have become addicted to heroin. You may be angry or ashamed at first, but do not abandon them, no matter what your other friends might say. Most importantly, be a friend. The longer it goes on, the harder it is for them to stop and get healthy.



Treatment is the only way they are going to overcome this addiction. Explain the kind of treatment you have in mind and be prepared for them not to agree with you. They could become extremely emotional and go into a fit of rage. Do not let this weaken you or your goal. They also may be in a state of denial. They have built a wall around their problem and you have to help them break it down. Also keep in mind that you are helping them heal. They won’t always see it the way you do, but don’t let that get to you.

Not many addicts get clean the first time around

Do not get discouraged if once the addict starts a program and begins to heal that they relapse. This is very common due to the difficulty of it all and the harshness of the withdrawal symptoms. It is a mental addiction and it extremely difficult to change what is going on in our brains. Think about what this person has been through and what made them begin taking this drug to begin with. Know that withdrawal is hard, and it will not be pretty.

But remember, this is not easy for anyone, especially the addict. Things look completely different when you’re clean and that is hard for some to get used to. You are doing a good thing by being supportive and being a good friend.

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