Home Remedies For Terminating An Unwanted Pregnancy

Giving birth to a new soul and bringing him in the world is a biggest boon for a woman. But sadly, not all the times, women want to keep the child and terminate pregnancy before it’s too late.

Some circumstances may mandate her to not carry with the pregnancy. At such times, they look for ways to terminate pregnancy. What they don’t know is that the procedure depends totally on the weeks for which they have been pregnant.

When seeking termination of pregnancy in the first few months, surgical or medical abortion is the ideal options. Before considering the termination, a woman must first find out the exact weeks of pregnancy by conducting a sonogram test and knowing the viability of abortion.


How To Terminate An Unwanted Pregnancy?

During the first eight or nine months, abortion pills can be used for terminating the pregnancy. In the first trimester, gynecologist recommends dilatation as well as curettage of uterus. This is the surest method of aborting a child. And the abortion must be done within the supervision of a gynecologist only.

  • Mifepristone and misoprostol are the abortion pills, also popular as RU-486 which can be used during the first seven months.
  • Within 12-15 weeks, aspiration can be done that is a surgical method of aborting a child. It is also popular as curettage method.

During the second trimester, pills cannot be used for terminating the pregnancy. Abortion would not be possible with pills. The common methods for termination would be:

  • Till 16 weeks of gestation, dilatation and curettage i.e. a surgical method can be used for abortion.
  • And after 16 weeks, dilatation and evacuation is recommended.

Dilatation and extraction is performed during the third trimester of pregnancy which is also called as intrauterine cranial decompression. In a lot of countries, it is illegal to terminate the pregnancy in second and third trimester.

How To Terminate Early Pregnancy: Home Remedies

No woman would ever want to divulge details about their pregnancy, termination, or miscarriage. Such women resort to natural methods of aborting the babies. These natural ways have long been used in many countries by a lot of women.

One should use these methods only at the end of first trimester, though there isn’t any assurance of these tips these natural ways working totally. And in case these methods fail, a woman has to go for surgical options. Some natural ways are mentioned below:

  • Start with a dose of Vitamin C supplement in addition with parsley. You can prepare parsley tea by boiling parsley in water. It would be best to drink this herbal tea at least four times a day.
  • Use a uterine stimulant known as Dong Quai to start contractions of uterus and expel contents from the body.
  • Black and blue cohosh can also bring contractions in uterus.

However, before you intake these herbs, it is best to get in touch with a physician. It is best for women suffering from diabetes, heart diseases, hypertension, and liver disease to avoid these herbs.

How To Terminate Early Pregnancy Without Consulting Doctor

It is not recommended to self-induced abortion or terminate pregnancy that too without consulting with doctor. There are a lot of ways in which one can safely terminate pregnancy nowadays. Moreover, self induced abortion poses greater risk to life.

Still if you are looking for ways to terminate early pregnancy without consulting doctor, read ahead.

  • Massage the abdomen area.
  • Hitting the belly region hard.
  • Getting kicked and punched in abdomen.
  • Lifting heavy items during the early stages.
  • Inserting hazardous items into the vagina
  • Drinking carrot seed soup can good for termination of pregnancy.
  • Inserting vaginal pessaries in the vagina.

All these listed methods are unsafe and quite dangerous. They are definitely not going to do good to you.

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