How to Cure a Water Infection Naturally

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Water Infection is usually experienced by many people. Person suffering from water infection goes through painful duration.

Water infection directly have bad influence on the kidney, these are different to the UTIs (Urinary Tract Infections). There are antibiotics to overcome such water infection, but people those to avoid preferring antibiotics, can recover this infection with the help of some natural remedies. Few are discussed as below-

1) Drink Red Juice Containing Antioxidants:- Drinking all types of fruits juices are good for health, but to overcome water infection drink juices containing antioxidants in it. Antioxidant juice helps to flush out the kidney naturally. Cranberry juice is the best red juice and most commonly used for prevention’s and treatments which helps in flushing out the kidneys. Apart cranberry, you can also try pomegranate and various red juices containing antioxidants in large quantity which helps to get ride off this infection.


2) Drink Apple Cider Vinegar:- Apple cider vinegar is beneficial in plentiful ways. Drinking apple cider vinegar is one of the best natural remedy to overcome water infection.  Apple cider vinegar is a rick source of potassium and other minerals that helps to prevent growth this infection. It is a natural antibiotic remedy for water infection. People suffering from water infection surely have Apple cider vinegar in your pantry.


3) Avoid Eating Meat Unless you overcome the Infection :- Person suffering from water infection should avoid meat as much you can. During this duration it is necessary to flush out everything, meat is an obstacle to do so. It is very hard for the body to break down, so its advisable to avoid meat unless you overcome the water infection.


4) Avoid eating Processed food and eat fresh fruits and vegetables:- Avoid processed food as much as you can because they are not easily digestive. Include food which is easily digestive like fresh fruits and vegetables. Eat daily fresh fruits and vegetables, it will actually help you to be aware of your diet content and will be helpful to fight with this infection. It also provides essential vitamins, minerals, fiber which are good for health.  Eating fresh fruits and vegetable indirectly reduces pain too as it is easily digestive and good for health.

Fresh Vegetables, Fruits and other foodstuffs.

5) Stop eating Pain Killers :- Stop consumption of Pain killers while suffering from water infection problem, it actually won’t let u feel the pain but will hurt your kidney. Consumption of Pain killers will worsen the condition rather helping it to overcome. Consult your doctor if its quiet painful but try avoiding pain killers unless and until this infection ends.


6) Get Excess Sleep :- Sleep for long hours and try to rest. Your body goes through pain during this infection which is usually not bearable, sleep helps to neglect the pain and overcome it for hours. It is essential to sleep for 8-9 hrs daily to keep your health fit and fine. This will be helpful to rest your mind and body and help you get rid of tiredness too. So excess sleep helps you naturally to overcome the pain you going through.


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