Hunger Headaches: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

For every action we take, there will always be a reaction –this is also applicable to our body. When we eat right, feeding our body with nutritious meals, our body will perform optimally.

Feeding our body with junk food with very little nutritional content only invites different forms of illness. Hunger headache is one of those illnesses we suffer when we fail to take good care of our body.

Hunger Headaches severely affects the productivity of the sufferer. Business executives are the most affected because they barely make out time to feed their body properly due to their heavy work schedule.

Hunger Headache causes the sufferer to feel acute pain in the head.

Hunger headache is often as a result of our inability to feed the body adequately. It also leads to dehydration and a drop in blood sugar level, causing the scalp muscles to become tense which will then be accompanied by severe headache. The easiest way of preventing this painful condition is by feeding the body appropriately and timely.

How hunger causes headache

Hunger headache is a temporary problem caused by our negligence. Our body becomes malnourished when we get hungry, thus causing the glucose level of the blood to drop significantly. This is also accompanied by dehydration.

When this happen, the muscles in the scalp gets tightened, and this would be followed by a nagging headache. This condition is more felt by diabetic patients. This is because hunger headache causes their blood vessel to become dilated, making them feel more pain. Heavy dependence on headache medication oftentimes leads to rebound headaches.

Excessive consumption of coffee also causes hunger headaches. Caffeine when taken in subtle amount will act as an analgesic. When taken in excess, it causes headache. People in the habit of substituting their meals with coffee are most likely to suffer hunger headache.

Symptoms of Hunger Headache

Hunger headache is what follows when the scalp of our head becomes tensed. It is also indicative of contraction in the neck, forehead and scalp. A patient suffering from hunger headache does not show any outward physical symptom. Obviously, hunger headache isn’t accompanied by any psychological factor.

At first, the sufferer will experience dull pain which will then become severe with the progression of time. This condition makes the patient feel as though a heavy weight has been placed on his head. The pain first starts from the back of the head before traveling up to the front of the temple. The pain makes the patient feel as though a tight cloth has been wrapped around his head.

Other symptoms which accompany hunger headache include; nausea, distorted thinking, inability to concentrate etc.

Treatment procedure for Hunger Headache

As earlier discussed, hunger headache is what follows when we fail to feed our body in a timely and appropriate manner. The simplest way of treating this condition is by eating healthy meals. You have to eat meals with sufficient amount of complex carbohydrate – doing so will help keep blood sugar at optimal level for a longer period of time.

Also, your meals must contain vegetables, fruits, wheat bread and rice in sufficient quantity. Consuming meals rich in protein will also help.

When taking painkillers to ease up the headache, ensure you this sparingly, and avoid the mistake of depending heavily on painkillers. This is because excessive intake of painkillers leads to rebound headaches. Taking you meals every 2 to 3 hours in a day will go a long way in ameliorating the condition.


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