Symptoms of Lethargy Feeling | Signs of a Lethargic Body

Lethargic feelings are mostly associated with feelings of apathy, boredom and weakness. When lethargic feelings take over you, your alertness and interest in your immediate environment wanes. It makes you loses interest in physical and mental exercises.

Signs and Symptoms of Lethargy

Some of the most common signs of lethargy include; Drowsiness (makes you want to sleep all the time) and being mentally and physically tired all the time. Some of the other signs and symptoms of lethargy are:

  • Lethargic feeling makes a person lose interest in what is going on around him of her. Often times, lethargic feeling makes a person less receptive to comprehending information and questions thrown at him or her.
  • Feeling of disorientation or daydreaming all the time often accompanies lethargy
  • Lethargic feelings make a person respond in a slow manner to external stimulus. For instance, the person may respond very slowly when loud music is played or may not even respond at all
  • A lethargic person feels drained both physically and mentally all the time. Boredom becomes his companion.
  • The person lacks vitality. This makes him not willing to go after life pleasantries.
  • In some cases, the individual can suffer fatigue, malaise and difficulty in concentrating even when he is engaged in a conversation. Carrying out simple home chores becomes a serious problem on the part of a lethargic person.
  • Other times, this set of people end up changing their eating habit. Diarrhea and constipation also accompany Lethargy.
  • A lethargic person at times experiences pain in his or her body. This pain is felt in body parts such as the joints and the muscles.
  • When an individual is going through lethargy, laziness and intermittent weakness becomes part and parcel of him especially after having a meal. In severe cases, these feelings may persist for a couple of days or weeks. Medical attention should be sought if the lethargic feeling persists for an unusually long time as it may be a symptom of another illness
  • Some other symptoms of lethargy are sadness and depression.

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