Causes of Strained Vocal Chords: Remedies for Damaged Vocal Chords

Strained vocal cords are not abnormal. It is a frequent issue experienced by a lot of people due to screaming, extending of voice for long periods among others. Vocal cords are two bands of muscles which can be found in the voice box also known medically as larynx. Anytime we… Read more »

How to Remove a Cyst At Home? Getting Rid Of a Cyst Without Surgery

Cysts are sacs or lumps that may be filled with air, liquid or some other tissue material. In most situations, cysts are little and are mostly harmless and painless. Nonetheless, some kinds of cysts are more complex and frequently life threatening. Not all kinds of cysts can be treated in… Read more »

What are the Causes of Hunger Pangs and Its Symptoms?

What Causes Hunger Pangs? Physiological causes. These include reduction in the levels of blood glucose mostly for those patients with diabetes mellitus, stomach contractions and a reduction in the body temperature can all result to hunger pangs. A reduction in body temperature is one of the reasons that cause a… Read more »

Causes of Stomach Heaviness and Home Remedies for Treatment

The stomach a part of the digestive system that is significant. It is where foods are broken down further after they are chewed and swallowed. The stomach has a lining which is tough that enables it tolerate the elevated acidity considerations like a Sac. They are important in breaking food… Read more »

Causes of Dry Lips During Pregnancy and How to Treat it?

Pregnancy results to a lot of enjoyment and joy in women. Nonetheless, there are various symptoms which are inconvenient that pregnant women face during pregnancy. The good news is the fact that after the baby is born, these symptoms improve. Majority of these symptoms are linked with metabolic activities in… Read more »

Common Causes of Frontal Headaches: Home Remedies to Relieve It

The most common ailment all around the world is Headache. There isn’t anyone who has not suffered from headache at one point or the other. Headache can come alongside various diseases and symptoms. Headache can be grouped based on its anatomical regions. For example, it is known occipital headache when… Read more »

What Is Petechiae? Its Causes, Prevention And Natural Treatment

Small skin spots which can be dark red, purple or maroon are known as Petechiae, closely linked with sub-dermal or sub-mucosal bleeding formed as a result of damaged capillaries. Petechiae are usually a trivial matter most times since they are settled without the need of medical treatment. Petechiae most often… Read more »