Perianal Hematoma: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

What is Hematoma?

A hematoma is a condition where the blood accumulates under the skin after leakage from blood vessels. It occurs when blood gets clotted under the skin and subcutaneous tissue close to the anal area.

This condition can happen at any point of time and can be extremely painful. The main reason for this condition can be back pressure or sudden rupture of veins which could happen due to straining at stool or even forceful coughing.

It has been observed that hematoma in perianal area varies in sizes. It can be small or large in size, which means a lot of pain for the patient. The pocket of accumulated blood becomes firm after some time and then starts resolving. Depending on the size of blood accumulated, the pocket starts shrinking, and time is nearly three months. While going to a doctor always helps, many people believe that home remedies can prove beneficial with Perianal Hematoma.


What Are The Causes Perianal Hematoma?

An injury is the most common reason for Hematoma in perianal area. The blood vessels, in such a case under the skin get hurt. They start leaking and a pool of blood collects in the affected perianal area.

Let’s discuss some primary causes of this condition:

  • One of the major causes for perianal hematoma is indeed constipation. The reason is simple. A person having constipation has to strain while passing bowel which can lead to this painful condition. This can add pressure on the blood vessels and this can cause a breakage thus causing blood in perianal area to leak.
  • It has been observed that people who regularly workout or lift heavy weights are also are susceptible to this painful condition.
  • Cough can also be one of the reasons for pain in perianal area, which can lead to hematoma in perianal area.
  • Another cause for the condition can be surgery done through the anal passage.
  • It is considered that trauma while introducing proctoscope or other invasive medical instrument can cause a major damage to the blood vessels and cause this condition.
  • Pregnant women also suffer from during pregnancy.
  • Sometimes, injury can happen while lifting heavyweight.

What Are Perianal Hematoma Symptoms?

Peiranal hematoma is commonly is noticeable as a small purple swelling on the anal edge, likely in the lateral region. When examined, it looks like a small blackcurrant. A person suffering from this condition can find the anal region lumpy all the times. The condition is extremely painful and even, tender.

The pain can be mild in the beginning and severe when it worsens. Sometimes, there are sudden pangs of pain. Sometimes, the condition becomes so unbearable that the patient cannot even sit properly.

Natural Treatment For Perianal Hematoma

In most of the cases, Perianal hematoma isn’t that a serious issue. Most perianal hematoma becomes better in few days. It is said, however, that if the condition is left untreated for a while, the blood accumulated can form a lump and take more than 2 months to heal properly.

The pain becomes less and the healing becomes faster in case the condition is detected in the first few days. When the Hematoma starts resolving down, the pain becomes less. The patient can easily get rid of the lump. However, the left over lump feels like a skin piece, often irritating.

Home Remedies For Perianal Hematoma

There are popular home remedies that people trust for this painful condition.

  • Cold compresses can help in reducing pain. One must bath twice a day in order to ease the pain and even swelling.
  • It is recommended a patient sit on a doughnut-shaped pillow. This helps in reducing pressure and pain while sitting. Constipation is bad news. One needs to have a good, fibre loaded diet.
  • Patient needs to eat lots of fruits. When perianal hematoma starts, patient needs to increase liquid and semi solid food rich in Vitamin C in the diet. This also helps bowel movement and helps with hematoma.
  • Also, patients feel better when they take analgesics. Many doctors suggest ointments and creams for easing the pain.


4 thoughts on “Perianal Hematoma: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

  1. Kathleen Gasiorowski

    had a bad experience with a colonoscopy 3 months ago which landed me in the hospital twice due to bleeding and nearly needed a blood transfusion. Now I seem to be dealing with a perianal hematoma and boy is it painful!!! I am thinking it was caused by the injury during the colonoscopy and wonder if I should go back to this doctor for treatment of this!

  2. simon elias

    Very very helpful my wife is having haematoma. I didn’t know where to start from to help her out especially. When I imagined that she needed. To know the root causes. I my self had similar problem. A couple. Of years ago thou it just disappeared before I could notice how.

  3. Julia Dobbins

    Got a perianal hematoma right after labor, most painful thing I have ever experienced, worse then my worst contractions. Went on two weeks in so much pain, couldn’t even sit down on my bottom, had to stand to feed my newborn 🙁 Finally went back to the doctor and he highly suggested surgery to drain it. Went under, got it drained, one week later I could finally sit on my bottom!

    1. Robert

      Hi. Question . How much or how high is the bill to go to Dr. And drain it. Just curious. My son has one and I have no insurance for I’ld like to kno what kind of bill Im looking into.. tha ks


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