Rash on the Knuckles: Causes and Natural Remedies

Your knuckles become visible when you clench your hand. Knuckles are the joint on your fingers that make smooth movement possible. Without your finger knuckles, holding unto an object would be impossible.

When flexed, the knuckles produce a crackling sound. The skin over knuckles can easily be affected by a rash, and hiding away the rash is near impossible because our hands are used almost all the time.

The rash that forms over the knuckles is often itchy, flaky, dry and reddish due to the sensitive nature of the skin.

Though not that painful, rash on the knuckles is quite discomforting. They can cause mental distress on the suffer due to the ugly look it gives the hand.

Depending on the cause of the rash, rash when it forms over the knuckles can be dry or filled with a pus. Remedies for common body rash can also be used in treating rash on the knuckles.

Causes of Rash on the Knuckles

Skin rash on the knuckles is caused by several factors.

Most of the things you do are done with you hand. This exposes your hands to detergents, chemicals and irritants. Here are the simple causes of skin rash on the knuckles.

  • Professional boxers and martial artist are most likely to suffer from the condition. This is because their knuckles get traumatized when the fight.
  • Dermatitis is also responsible for skin rash over the skin. Rash, which can be dry or filled with pus is what results when the knuckles make contact with certain chemicals or irritants. Certain abrasives and oils can cause rash to develop over the knuckle’s skin.
  • Diseases like chickenpox and measles are also culprits.
  • Rash results when then knuckle joint gets infected with psoriasis. Psoriasis, an autoimmune disease affects the skin the most. It makes the skin develop itchy, flaky and reddish rashes.
  • Certain insect bites can cause the skin to develop reddish and itchy skin. Such rash often vanishes without any form of treatment.
  • Fungi also causes skin rash on the knuckles. It is sometimes difficult to tell between psoriasis and skin rash on the knuckles. You are most likely to suffer a fungal infection if your job requires you making contact with water at all times.

Natural Remedies for the treatment of Rash on Knuckles

Before treating rash on the skin, it is important to first understand its cause. You are half way done treating rash on knuckles when you determine its cause. For example, if your rash is caused by allergens and irritants, wisdom demands you stay away from them. Applying corticosteroid over the affected site can help reduce the inflammation and redness. Other forms of remedies include

  • Resisting rubbing or scratching the skin as doing so causes the skin to crack. A cracked skin can easily be affected by fungal infection. Applying calamine lotion also helps soothe the skin especially if the rash is caused by insect bite.
  • Applying a good moisturizer helps relieve the skin of rashes. Olive oil is a typical moisturizer as it contains high level of vitamin E.
  • If the rash is caused by allergy, treat by using crushed poppy seeds mixed with lime juice and water.
  • If caused by fungal infection, treat daily using fungal ointment. Also avoid contact with water with your hands.

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