Causes of Ringworm On The Stomach? Symptoms And Home Remedies

Ringworm infection is one of the most common fungal skin infections. When it affects the skin, the fungus spreads quickly through the layers of the skin; mostly affecting skin located on the stomach, under the armpit, and the skin located around the groin and thighs.

Ringworm also affects skin folds especially those at the back of the ears and the neck.

Though ringworm can affect any area on the skin, it mostly affects areas that have great moisture and warmth. It is very easy to contract this type of fungus. The chances of contracting it become heightened when an individual stays in an environment with high humidity such as a locker room, gym, and swimming pool.

Causes of Ringworms on the Stomach

Tinea Corporis has been identified to be the major cause of Ringworm. It can be contracted by making physical contact with a person that has it. Ringworm is also caused by Microsporum canis, which breeds on the skin of cats and dogs.

Ringworm on the stomach can be gotten by direct contact or indirect contact which usually takes the form of using an infected towel, sports gear or a piece of clothing.

There are instances when ringworm on the stomach was caused by the accidental spreading of fungal infection from other affected parts of the body such as the feet to the stomach.

Medical experts say that fungal infection can be hereditary.

Ringworm On Stomach Symptoms

One of the most common symptoms of ringworm on the stomach is excessive itching which eventually reddens the skin. The itching can be accompanied by cracking, scaling and peeling of the skin.

When the skin gets infected, a flat depressed region accompanied by an elevated margin will appear. With time, the ring will become bigger, with the diameter of the ring increasing.

People often mistake ringworm for other skin irritations like eczema and psoriasis. When performing diagnosis, it is important to observe the appearance as well as the speed at which the ringworm has been spreading to other parts of the skin.

Home remedies for ringworm on the stomach

If you or a love one has been affected by ringworm on the stomach, here are some simple natural treatments to use.

  • Applying grounded turmeric on the affected surface works well. This is because turmeric contains anti-microbial properties which can effectively curtail further growth of the fungi. Turmeric should be applied on the affected skin area at least three times a week for a period of two weeks. The treatment has to be continued until the Ringworm completely disappears and fungus completely destroyed to avoid it from coming back again.
  • Tree oil can also be used in the treatment of the infection especially if it is the foot that has been affected by the fungus. But the tree oil has to be first diluted before being applied to the affected region.
  • If possible, avoid wearing tight fitted clothing around the stomach. Doing this generates heat caused by friction, and this heat causes the fungus to spread quickly to other parts of the body. Ensure your clothes are well washed before putting them on again to reduce the chances of contracting the infection again.
  • Taking homeopathic drugs like Sulphur and Graphitis can also prove to be effective. But get professional advice before taking them.

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