What is Ruptured Ulcer? – Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Peptic ulcer which affects the inner lining of the esophagus, duodenum and stomach, is the most common type of ulcer, affecting 20 million American every year. Quite a number of symptoms are associated with peptic ulcer, but this will depend on the point of rupture.

Ruptured ulcer has to receive immediate medical attention to avoid the condition from worsening. In this post, you will get to see the causes of ruptured ulcer and also all the associated symptoms.

Ulcer is a medical term used to describe the rupturing of the mucosal skin lining. One of the major symptoms of ulcer is severe inflammation, accompanied by burning sensation and pain.

The rupturing at times penetrates the walls of the stomach, reaching further to the other side of the stomach’s wall. Though peptic ulcer mostly affects the gastrointestinal tract, it also affects other organs.

Ruptured ulcer is life threatening because it causes bleeding, ascites and peritonitis.

Causes of Ruptured Peptic Ulcer

Though any body organ can be affected by rupture ulcer, the peptic ulcer is affected the most. Some of the factors responsible for ruptured ulcer include; burns, H. Pylori, mechanical injury, abuse of alcohol, and use of anti-inflammatory drugs.

Risk factors for peptic ulcer depend on the organ involved. Below are some identified risk factors

  • Ageing
  • Arthritis, fibromyalgia and chronic back pain
  • Habits like excess consumption of alcohol and caffeinated products.
  • Incessant stress
  • Clinical disorders like diabetes and thyroid increases the chances of ruptured ulcer.

Symptoms of ruptured ulcer

Symptoms of peptic ulcer will depend on the organ affected. Below are some of the common symptoms of the condition

  • Acute burning sensation and gnawing
  • Vomiting and persistent nausea
  • Weakness, fever and malaise
  • Internal bleeding due to damaged blood vessel
  • Ascites (inflammation of the abdomen) and peritonitis (inflammation of the peritoneal region)

Treatment for ruptured ulcer

When the ulcer gets ruptured, medical attention has to be sought immediately. Surgical operation becomes a must if the blood vessel has been damaged by inflammation. Surgical operation will involve stitching the ruptured wall to stop bleeding. The best preventive approach to ruptured ulcer, is getting rid of unhealthy habits such as excessive consumption of alcohol.

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