Causes Of Sweet Smelling Urine: Treatment For Sweet Odor In Urine

Most often healthy people that consume enough water hardly produce urine with strong odor. The strong odor or smell urine gives out sometimes indicates abnormality. Though it doesn’t necessarily mean it is a disease. It could be caused by the intake of some food or drug or might the sign for an unknown medical condition.

The smell of urine varies ranging from a sweet smell to its exact opposite of a foul smell. The concentration of the urine and also the excretion of certain waste product from the kidney have a role to play in the smell of urine. Urine with a normal odor means the chemical concentration of the urine is not high.

The production of sweet smelling urine is a method of diagnosing diabetes, this is because the sweet smell of the urine is formed from the presence of excess ketone in the body. However, Diabetes is not the only health condition that has sweet smelling urine.

What Makes the Urine to Have a Sweet Smell?

Most times urine that has a sweet smell indicates diabetes but not always. Nowadays diabetes mellitus is now a common illness for people. It is a medical condition that is caused by the presence of excess sugar in the blood a term called “Hyperglycemia” and it occurs because of the insufficient insulin in the body. It is capable of affecting fat, carbohydrate and electrolyte metabolic activity in the body.

The sweet smell of urine most often is as a result of uncontrolled diabetes which means the blood sugar level is relatively low. This sweet smell comes from ketone that is passed into the urine and this condition is called “Ketoacidosis.”

You could still produce sweet smelling urine even if you are not diabetic or your diabetes is under control. This can happen if you are fasting or keeping to a particular diet during this period ketone will be passed into your urine and make it smell sweet.

Maple sugar urine disease that usually affects children though it is rare is another cause of sweet smelling urine. It occurs as result of genetic disorder. The reason why it was given that name is because it has the smell of maple syrup. Aside from its sweet smell it also has other neurological symptoms. This disease causes affected children to suffer from mental retardation but it does not affect adults.

The intake of insufficient water can also can the urine to have a strong smell due to its high concentration.

Treatments For Strong Sweet Odor In Urine

The major way to treat sweet smelling urine is by controlling diabetes. Diabetes does not have a cure but it can be controlled. Due to modernization there are now many anti-diabetic medicines available. Alternately, you can use home remedies that can effectively help to control the diabetes alongside the mainline treatment.

  • Java plum fruit otherwise called Syzygium Jambolium is a purple colored fruit that is capable of keeping the blood sugar level balanced. The juice can be taken consistently after extracting it form the pulp. Alternatively, the seed can be dried and grounded and one teaspoon of it should be taken once a day.
  • The use of Fenugreek is another way to control blood sugar level. Soak about 10-15 seeds of fenugreek in water to stay overnight and take it early in the morning with either milk or water.
  • Drinking the juice of bitter gourd early in the morning can help control the blood sugar level of uncontrolled diabetes because it contains insulin.
  • It is important to follow a diabetic diet especially the one that has less sugar and more proteins as it can help control calories. Rather than taking 3 large meals a day you can split it into 6 small meals daily. Stay away from sweet things like candies, ice cream, confectioneries and so on.
  • Consume more salads and vegetables.
  • Regular short exercise can also help manage diabetes.
  • Avoid excess fasting or dieting because it can lead to ketonuria and as well make your urine to have a sweet smell besides other negative effect it has on your health.
  • Most importantly try practicing yoga and meditation regularly in order to reduce your stress and mental strain.

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