Reduce Swollen Lymph Node in Front of Ear & Neck: Causes & Treatment

The little nodules which can be found all around the body are Lymph nodes. They come in bunches. The lymph nodes can be palpated when they are inflamed, but in normal situations, they are hardly obvious.

Lymph nodes are sectors of the body’s lymphatic systems. The major duty of is to keep foreign organisms and bacteria trapped away from the lymph fluid that goes through the lymphatic system. During this process, Lymph nodes get swollen. Therefore, the lymph nodes are always palpated by physicians when an infection is suspected. When cells of a tumor are trapped, the Lymph nodes also get swollen.

Swollen lymph nodes can be easily noticed in the ear, neck, groin area and underarms.

Causes of Swollen Lymph Nodes

  1. A reason for swollen lymph node in from of the ear is as a result of an infection on the Pinna of the ear because of ear piercing.
  2. The salivary glands which are sometimes located in front of the ear gets inflamed. This occurs when the tube or duct responsible for transporting the saliva from the glands get obstructed. This may sometimes lead to sudden inflammation in front of the left ear when eating.
  3. Sinus and cold infection can also lead to an inflamed lymph node in front of the ear
  4. Forehead infection like boil, or infection in the top eye lid as in the case of stye can result to a swollen lymph node in front of the ear. This is due to the fact that the lymph from the upper eye lid and forehead get drained in lymph nodes located ahead of the ear
  5. Only one ear is usually affected by Perinaud oculoglandular syndrome.

Symptoms consist of lymph nodes which are swollen in front of the ear on the part of the eye involved. Other symptoms include fever and pink eye. The reason for this syndrome is tularemia or cat scratch disease.

Swollen Lymph Node in Front of Neck

There are various categories of lymph nodes situated ahead of the neck, which drain from various neck organs.

They include;

  • Submandibular: Along the line of the jaw on either part.
  • Tonsillar: Drainage from the pharynx and tonsils.
  • Sub Mental : Drainage from the oral cavity and teeth.
  • Anterior Cervical: nodes that lay on both parts of the neck from the jaw angle to the higher part of the clavicle. Drainage from the internal structures of thyroid glands, pharynx, tonsils and throat.
  • Supra Clavicular: Drainage from a part of the abdomen and lungs.

Lymph nodes which are swollen in front of the neck because of an intense infection are usually quite painful. They are warm, swollen and soft to feel. The swelling results in the reddening of the skin above it.

Usually, swollen lymph nodes in the front of the neck due to an acute infection are very painful. They are firm, tender, swollen and warm to feel. The inflammation causes the skin above it to turn red. Lymph nodes which are Malignant are fixed, matted,, firm and not painful.

The area the swollen lymph node is located aids in determining the area of malignancy. Swelling which is diffused on either sides of the neck can be as a result of lymphomas. If it is located in just one side like on the left part of the anterior cervical area for example suggests oral malignancy.

Other reasons for lymph nodes which are swollen ahead of the neck are dental abscess, tuberculosis, tonsillitis, impacted tooth, infection and flu of pharynx and throat, gum disease, sores in the mouth, non Hodgkin’s lymphoma and Hodgkin’s disease.

Treatment for Swollen Lymph Node in Front of the Ear

  1. Treating the hidden reason will reduce the lymph nodes in the neck gradually. Soothing of pain in the lymph nodes can be done with the application of warmth. A towel should be taken and dipped in warm water, then placed over the part of the neck where the lymph node is inflamed.
  2. When the parotid glad ahead of the ear is painful and inflamed, warmth should be applied over the inflamed area. Something which is very sour in taste should be eating so a lot of saliva can be produce. Sucking a candy or lemon is ideal. The flow of saliva will boost the removal of obstruction from the salivary duct.
  3. If there is infection around or in the ear or on the forehead that has led to swollen lymph node ahead of the ear.  The first choice of your physician will be carrying out treatment using antibiotics. At home, warm cloth can be applied to soothe the pain and drain out the boil.
  4. Once cold infection and sinusitis are treated, the lymph node which is swollen in front of the ear will go back to its usual size after a while.
  5. Emphasis is placed on the primary location of cancer in the situation of cancer. Chemotherapy, surgery and chemotherapy are options that may be considered by the doctor.
  6. Consumption of a diet which is health and nutritious usually assists in boosting your immune system in fighting tumours’ and infection
  7. It may take a while for inflamed lymph mode to get back to its usual size even if after the infection has been treated.

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