Symptoms And Signs Of A Lethargic Body

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Lethargy is a normal feeling of boredom; a feeling when a person feels weak from inside and lacks enthusiasm in whatever he does. Usually a person who is lethargic is not alert and not much bothered about what is going around.

Such people aren’t much interested in doing any physical activity and they don’t feel like participating in activities which involve use of mental or physical strength.


Common Signs And Symptoms Of Lethargy

There are a lot of common signs associated with the condition, and they are being discussed below:

  • A lethargic person is going to be inconsiderate about what is happening around him and would be least interested in knowing about the world around. If you notice a person failing to comprehend things such as simple questions then it is certainly a sign of lethargy.
  • Mostly the lethargic person would be slow in giving response to any kind of activity, physical or mental. In easy words, the person would be absent minded and indifferent to any loud noise.
  • More than often the lethargic person would feel drained out all the time and would have no energy to do anything or respond to situations. You will notice a bored look on the face of the person.
  • Some signs concerned with lethargy are fatigue, not being able to concentrate or malaise. The person would also be reluctant to perform his daily tasks.
  • Daydreaming is a noticeable symptom of lethargy and a person suffering from the condition would always keep looking out into the distance.
  • Such a person will have no complaint and would expect nothing from anyone. He would always lack normal reactions towards situations.
  • In a few cases, a lethargic person can feel pain in some body parts. Joint and muscle pain can be accompanied with this.
  • Lethargic people would also witness a difference in their eating habits. Diarrhea and constipation are the common symptoms which come with this problem.
  • In case of lethargy, an individual can feel weak and lazy most of the times (especially after consuming heavy meal). In case the condition persists for a prolonged period of time, it needs examination by a physician.
  • Some emotional symptoms associated with the problem are depression as well as constant feeling of sadness.

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