Symptoms And Treatment Of Infected Ingrown Hair On Labia

An ingrown hair on the labia is just like a pimple in resemblance. And in case the ingrown hair gets infected, it can get inflamed and pus can get accumulated.

Nonetheless, in certain cases, this condition may not be related to pus, but can be hard when touched. The region near the ingrown hair becomes hyper-pigmented.


Symptoms Of Ingrown Hair On Labia

This is basically a condition where the hair grows out of the follicle and seeps back into the skin. This condition can be concerned with waxing or shaving or at times with wearing tight clothes, which can end up in inflamed or irritated skin.

Know the symptoms that are associated with ingrown hair:

  • A hard or soft bump on the labia. If the bump is soft then it suggests bacterial infection, but if the bump is hard then it indicates that the ingrown hair hasn’t been infected as yet.
  • In most of the cases, the areas surrounding labia turns red and becomes extremely inflamed. However, the bump is usually dark.
  • The condition is mostly accompanied with itching and pain. And one can experience a lot of pain in case the bump becomes large, especially when one gets up or sits. Sexual intercourse can become difficult when the bump is large.

Infected Ingrown Hair On Labia

More than often, the ingrown hair becomes infected.

Infection is common, particularly when a person scratches the affected area. The scratch or even a bruise can become the path for bacteria into the ingrown hair, thus causing infection. There are a few things that can be done to lessen the chances of infection:

  • Do not wear tight clothes. Make sure that the undergarments you wear are dry and clean.
  • Apply oil and petroleum jelly on the infected area in order to reduce itching concerned with ingrown hair on labia.
  • Tea tree oil should be applied on the infected area as it has anti microbial properties. So the infection doesn’t spread to other areas.
  • Wiping vagina after urinal discharge is important. Keeping the vagina dry every time might not be easy so it would be best to change the undergarments as often as possible throughout the day.

Treating Ingrown Hair On The Labia

If the ingrown hair is not infected, it can be treated at home in an easy manner. Take a look at the simple remedies for treating ingrown hair on the labia.

  • Add dettol or savlon to the water in bath tub and soak your vagina in that for about 10-15 minutes. There wouldn’t be any chances for secondary infection left when the genitals will be cleaned by warm water; in fact the blood circulation will become better.
  • Do not save or wax labia. If cannot be avoided, change the blade often and even the cream used for waxing.
  • You may use a sterilized needle to pull out ingrown hair. However, this should be done only when the ingrown hair are visible. Otherwise infection can be possible.

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