The Roof Of My Mouth Hurts: What Are The Causes And Treatment?

Roof of the mouth is referred as palate in medical terms by doctors. The roof consists of hard and soft palate. In the front part of the roof of mouth is the horizontal bony plate that is the hard palate.

It is basically the partition between mouth and nasal path. However, the soft palate is the back part of the roof of mouth that comprises of soft tissue.

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There can be a lot of reasons due which the roof of your mouth might hurt, and in a lot of cases there can be a burning sensation as well. Anyway pain in the roof of your mouth is certainly a common condition.

At times, the roof of the mouth can be burned because of consuming spicy food or even drinking hot coffee and tea. In some cases the burning sensation might not be constricted to the palate. It can spread to entire mouth.

Hot tea or coffee can injure the tongue as well as skin present in soft palate; drinking and eating can become extremely difficult if sores and blisters are present on the palate. There can be many other reasons for pain in the roof of mouth, other than the discussed reasons. And even the symptoms might not be the same, except for tenderness on touch or eating food.

Causes Of Pain In The Roof Of The Mouth

Generally, the cause for pain in roof of mouth is not that serious, however if the pain is neglected for long time, it may linger and become extremely troublesome. Some of the common reasons that may cause pain in roof of mouth are:

Pain because of burns: The roof of mouth is quite sensitive and delicate. And it is a common condition to get the mouth burnt when eating. This can also result in pain and soreness which can remain there for a lot of days. The upper palate can get burnt on consuming hot food and hot beverages. So, the ideal solution for avoiding this condition is to let the food cool down first and then consume it.

Bacterial and viral infections: Infective ailments like common cold, sore throat, sinusitis, and tonsillitis can cause pain in upper palate. And when the infection is in control, the pain or soreness will eventually go away.

Burning mouth syndrome: The exact cause for this syndrome has not yet identified. However deficiency of iron and vitamin are the factors which contribute to the syndrome. At times, yeast can be the reason for dryness and burning sensation on roof of mouth. One can experience the pain round through the day, which can eventually settle down as the night sets in.

Many other reasons can contribute to pain in roof of mouth such as eating food that has sharp edges, poorly fitted dentures, and so on.

What Is The Treatment Option Available For Pain In Roof Of Mouth?

It becomes easier to cure the pain in the mouth once you know the reason for it. Like if you have hurt the roof of mouth due to eating hot food or drinking hot beverage, then applying ice can be the best solution for it.

  • Application of baking soda is considered as the natural remedy to treat the blisters on roof of mouth. It is to be applied thrice through the day on the area that has been affected.
  • Quicken the process of healing sores by consuming more of Vitamin C and B. Also, do not eat spicy food when experiencing pain in the upper palate. This can worsen the pain.
  • Yoghurt can be to treat the pain in roof of mouth at home. It is an effective remedy which can also be used to treat yeast infection in the mouth.
  • Lastly, one should consume bland diet in order to recover faster. One should also avoid food with sharp edges and avoid colas.

In case pain in the roof of mouth doesn’t go away even after a week even after taking all precautions, it is best that you get yourself examined by a physician.

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