Tongue Biting: Causes And How To Stop Biting Your Tongue

Tongue biting, also known as tongue chewing is a common phenomenon observed by physicians. This habit can cause damage to the buccal mucosa or morsicatio linguarum which are the lateral borders of your tongue.

In some cases, tongue biting can be accompanied with inner lip biting as well. This can lead to damaged tissue, which can vary from ulcers to minor abrasions or even extensive abrasions. Eventually the abrasions thicken thus causing keratonization also called as hyperkeratosis.

If tongue biting is carried on for a prolonged period, it can result in problem in speech or even chewing. And with the enlargement or thickening of skin, it can become really tough for a person to open the mouth wide and even masticate.


Know The Causes Of Tongue Biting

There are several factors which can cause tongue biting, and some of them are discussed below:

  • Vitamin B12 deficiency can cause ulcers in mouth and this can even lead to cuts and bites on the lips primarily because the lips become sensitive.
  • As injury is quite common amongst the athletes, it can result in tongue biting. Other causative reasons for this condition can be bruxism and even eating disorders.
  • One of the reasons for intentional tongue biting is stress. By biting their tongue, people think about handling their stress.
  • Biting of tongue is extremely common in people having dentures. One can experience frequent tongue biting when using dentures which aren’t properly fitted.
  • Individuals who chew tobacco or smoke a lot can develop plaque in their cavities, which can result in tongue biting. Even chewing of mint in excess can cause tongue biting occasionally.

How Can You Stop Tongue Biting Naturally?

The treatment of biting tongue commonly depends on the causative factors of the condition.

  • Intake of Vitamin B12 supplements can help deal with the apthae ulcers that can result in biting of tongue.
  • It is important to visit the dentists especially for the younger children so as to align the teeth properly. And in older individuals, a visit to the dentist becomes a must to fit the dentures properly.
  • The athletes who usually bite their teeth when playing sports like running or jumping should make use of mouth guards. These guards are also of great use for the patients suffering from eating disorders and even with bruxism.
  • Managing stress is essential for bringing this condition under control. For the same, a person can try meditation and yoga. Also, one should keep a good check on the diet. It must be healthy as well as organic. One shouldn’t consume alcohol or chew tobacco. Smoking must be avoided.
  • There is herb that is also known for managing stress, namely St John Wort. However, one should consume the herb only as per dosage that is recommended.
  • Lavender and chamomile are the aromatherapy essential oils which can soothe the mind. You can apply the oil on forehead or vaporize it using an oil dispenser.

Biting of tongue is associated to stress as well as anxiety and therefore knowing the right cause is important for knowing the exact treatment. These individuals may suffer from carcinomas or even dysplasia, thus requiring examination of a physician.

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