Treat Lip Infection At Home: Know The Symptoms Of Fungal Infection On Lips

Lips are that part of your mouth which has numerous functions like articulating sound and speech as well as eating food. Visible on mouth, lips are quite sensitive and they can become erogenous when indulging in act of intimate kissing.

In comparison to the rest of the skin of fact, lips have quite thin skin. It consists of 3-5 cellular layers. As there are no sweat glands present in lips, they can easily dry out and become infected.


Infection On Lip

Lip infection can be a result of different causes including bacterial, fungal, or viral infection. In normal conditions, lips cannot get infected even when there are a lot of organisms present in oral cavity. One of the reasons can be frequent washing of lips by saliva. As saliva has mild anti bacterial properties, it destroys the organisms in the stomach.

When the defense system of the body weakens, infective pathogens can take advantage of this condition. There can be a considerable damage to the lips due to a lip bite or when wearing braces. A bruised or open lip skin is more susceptible to bacteria.

Fungal Infection On Lips: Symptoms

Candida Albicans is the prime cause for fungal lip infection.

Some of the common signs of fungal lip infection are discussed below:

  • Pain and swelling can be seen.
  • On the corner of lips and even mouth, small thin plaques of white color would be visible.
  • If the white patch is removed, blood can pop out.
  • It is just like curd of milk.

Some of the common signs of bacterial lip infection are discussed below:

  • Little bit bleeding.
  • Lip becomes too hot when touched.
  • Swelling is visible.
  • Pus is present.
  • Redness and blister on the lip.

Herpes virus can result in viral lip infection, and some of the common signs are as follows:

  • Fever
  • Painful sores on lips.
  • Neck glands become swollen.
  • Small fluid filled vesicles become apparent.

What Are The Home Remedies For Lip Infection?

Bacterial lip infection can be easily treated at home and there is no reason to be worried. Some of the natural remedies are as follows:

  • One should drink as much water as possible to stimulate secretion of saliva. As saliva has antibacterial properties, it can normalize the bacterial activity.
  • It is best to not bite your lips and keep them as healthy as possible. Sharp teeth can end up in lip bites, so treat them soon.
  • Drink milk containing turmeric twice a day to treat lip infection.
  • One should consume food that boosts immune system such as ones rich in Vitamin C and B-complex.
  • On the affected area, you should apply turmeric paste as it has great antibacterial properties.
  • It is best to not eat spicy or sugary food. Even don’t smoke or drink alcohol.

Fungal lip infection remedies are as follows:

  • Sugar can encourage growth of Candida fungal infection so you should avoid consuming the same.
  • Another anti fungal home remedy is tea tree oil. It should be applied on the lips as that will ease the condition.
  • Diabetics should seek a proper treatment to control the condition.
  • Berberine is quite effective in treating fungal lip infection.
  • Apart from this, Goldenseal is a home remedy that can be applied on the infected site or consumed orally.

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