Vaginal Abrasion: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment & Home Remedies

A common problem that most women have to deal with at some of time in life is vaginal abrasion.  An abrasion is basically a scraped area on the mucus membrane of vagina that is definitely not a pleasant thing to go through.

Lack of lubrication can result in friction or irritation on the skin, thus causing a minor injury. An abrasion can happen at any point of time and from just about anything. It may or may not bleed, but it certainly takes time to heal down.

An abrasion/scratch in the vagina wall can cause a lot of uneasiness. Such a problem can be accompanied with tenderness as well as swelling. And in case you do not pay attention to the abrasion and leave it as it is, the infection can set in, and can make the problem worse.


What Causes Vaginal Abrasions?

  • One of the major causes that can lead to abrasion in vagina is doing sex without proper lubrication. A lot of women perform intercourse without the right kind of lubrication. While the act of sex, the glands inside vagina of women secrete a fluid that offers proper lubrication and keeps the vagina moist. This doesn’t cause irritation. However, in some women such fluid isn’t secreted properly because of fatigue or hormonal imbalance. So, you can reduce the chance of abrasion by applying a lubricating agent during intercourse.
  • Intolerable itching on vagina can also cause an abrasion on the membrane of vagina. So a physical injury caused due to irresistible desire to scratch the vagina with fingernails can hurt the mucus wall and cause abrasion.
  • In case your vaginal mucosa is thin, even a slightest scratch can lead to an abrasion. The wall of the vagina can become thin during menopause or even during changes in the hormonal changes.
  • Two common infections which can also result in abrasion are Bacterial vaginitis and candidiasis.
  • One can experience abrasion in vagina on insertion of foreign body without properly lubricating the area.
  • Sexual abuse or forced intercourse can also cause abrasion in the vagina.
  • Many girls have also reported to get abrasion in vagina after cycling or horse riding.
  • Lastly, many girls are allergic to condoms or spermicidal creams which can irritate the vagina and cause abrasion.

Common Signs And Symptoms Of Vaginal Abrasion

  • Pain in vagina is the first indication of abrasion or vaginal trauma. Such pain can also be accompanied with a feeling of tenderness and this can make it hard to maintain personal hygiene.
  • Some girls can experience vaginal bleeding during abrasion, which may not last longer.
  • A lot of girls also experience pain when passing urine as the urethral opening is placed above the vaginal opening.
  • Pain during intercourse can also be a main symptom and it might be difficult for girls to have sex properly.
  • A deep abrasion can result in swollen labia.
  • Foul smelling vaginal discharge can be common in case the abrasion has bacterial infection. But the chances of such a situation are not much especially when timely precautions are taken.

Treatment Of Vaginal Abrasions

  • More than often vaginal abrasions heal automatically with time.
  • In case such a problem is accompanied with fever or any infection, it is best to seek medical assistance of a qualified doctor.
  • Application of calendula ointment is known for properly healing the abrasions.
  • One can apply coconut oil on the membrane of vagina to treat abrasion.
  • Seeking recommendation of the doctor for using antibiotics or Neosporin is just the right thing to do.
  • Make sure you do not indulge in sexual activities during the recovery.
  • To facilitate circulation of air in the vagina, it is best to wear cotton panties.

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