Recipe of Warm Water Enema for Severe Constipation

Warm Water Enema

Enema is a treatment technique used to cleanse the anus by passing certain liquids through the anus. Enema becomes needful when excessive toxic substances have accumulated in the liver and intestines. The goal of enema is to help protect the body from the harmful effect of these substances.

Warm water enema is used when the bowels suffers tension and spasm. Water at 99 Fahrenheit is used for this purpose. However, the temperature of the water has to be reduced to 75 Fahrenheit when used on weak colons. The warm water is meant to help the colon relax

Warm water enema recipe

Below are some recipes can be combined with warm water to help improve the condition of the colon:

  • Lemon Juice Enema: Lemon juice can be effectively used in cleaning the colon as it helps rid the colon of stuck feces. The right dosage for this should a third cup of lemon juice added to a quart of warm water.
  • Salt Water Enema: Salt can be effectively used in reducing the amount of solution that comes and leaves the large intestines. Basically, salt reduces the amount of water coming in and out of the kidney and bladder. All that is needed is adding a tablespoon of salt to a quart of warm water.
  • Coffee Enema: Add a tablespoon of grounded coffee to warm water.

Warm water Enema for constipation

Warm water can be effectively used in the treatment of chronic constipation. This technique helps the colon stay relaxed and refreshed. Here are some simple techniques to follow

  • Get a fountain syringe from your nearest local store
  • Get the syringe filled with warm water at 100 degree Fahrenheit. Doing this helps relax the colon, enabling the colon to accommodate large volume of enema without cramping.
  • The enema bag should be positioned at a height of 20 inches above the rectum. Fill the tube with the solution so as to dispel air from the tube.
  • Lie down on your left side and then gently place the nozzle into your anus
  • Release the clamp on the hose to make the solution flow. If you experience pain when doing this, reduce the flow of water by reducing the distance separating the bag and the anus. Once the discomfort eases, restore the bag back to its initial position to resume the process again.
  • Maintain the bag containing the solution at the right height for about 10 minutes before then flushing away the remaining in the toilet.

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