What Are The Causes Of Bags Under Eyes When Smiling And Natural Remedy For Puffy Eyes

With growing age one of the common cosmetic problems which most people face is bags under eyes when they smile. It can be unaccompanied with swelling and even puffiness in the lower eyelids.

A baggy impression underneath can be possible due to accumulation of fat; and most likely this is concerned with hereditary.

What Causes Bags Under Eyes When Smiling?

Bags under eyes do not develop suddenly; it takes time for the impression to develop. The eye muscles and tissues underneath become weaker as a person ages. And the fat supporting eyes reaches the lower eyelid, thus making the eyes look puffy as well as baggy.

  • Your eyes are more likely to become puffy and baggy if you sleep really late in night or have likeness for reading late. In some cases, sleeping on the stomach and that too without pillow can causes bags under the eyes.
  • Medicines which have tendency to retain fluid can also lead to bags under eyes when one smiles. Some of the factors that can augment the chances of the condition includes lifestyle changes, hypertension, consumption of excess oil, or even kidney diseases.
  • Even allergies, alcoholism, sinusitis, tiredness, hormonal changes or even smoking can cause bags under the eyes.

Bags under the eyes might not be a serious problem; but it can be a major cosmetic concern for most.

What Are The Home Remedies For Bags Under Eyes?

There are a lot of home remedies as well as natural treatment available for treatment of bags under eyes, particularly when one is reluctant to undergoing costly cosmetic treatments.

  • In case the bags under eyes occur because of fluid retention, a surefire remedy that can cure the same is sleeping on one or two pillows and keeping the head elevated.
  • Lactic acid is known to minimize puffy eyes so it would be best to soak cotton balls in cold milk and apply under the eye.
  • It would be best to place slice of cucumber on eyes for around 10-15 minutes every day.
  • You can also opt for a natural treatment option and that is by preparing and applying face mask made from parsley leaves.

What Is The Natural Cure For Bags Under Eyes?

  • In case simple home remedies do not work well for the bags, opt for facial or eye exercises alongside the treatments. One of the best exercises indeed is keeping the eyes shut and relaxing. While your eyes are close, just move the lids up and down alternatively.
  • Tea bags can be used for reducing the puffiness underneath.
  • Massage the affected area with lavender or castor oil.
  • Frozen tea bags are also effective remedy for treating bags under eyes.
  • You can even place a chilled spoon of steel under the eyes until it loses the coolness.

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