What Can Cause Black Lips And How To Lighten Them?

Take a look at some of the facts which are associated with a condition of having black lips.

  • The condition of black lips or dark colored lips can be caused due to different factors and can also be considered as indicators of some conditions which might be happening in your body. Though this is quite uncommon, there can be severe medical conditions which can lead to darkening of lips or even make the black. One of the reasons can be cancer.
  • The major reason for darkening of lips can be a modern lifestyle, medications, or even bad eating habits.
  • There are many people who naturally dark or black lips.
  • Nonetheless, there are a lot of treatment options as well as home remedies available to treat the dark discoloration and make lips lighter.


Causes Of Black Lips

  • A major reason for lips darkening is frequent consumption of hot drinks which contain caffeine such as tea or coffee.
  • Low vitamin B level can be a reason.
  • Constantly licking or biting lips can darken the lips.
  • Allergy or injuries.
  • An increase in iron level in your body can make the lips black.
  • Rarely but improper dental fixtures can contribute to the condition.
  • Some lip medications or even toothpastes can be responsible.
  • Even change in hormonal level due to factors like age, menopause or diseases.

Treatment For Black Lips And How To Lighten Them

There are a lot of ways in which one can get rid of black or dark lips. Some of them are listed below:

  • Do not drink beverages that are excessively hot as it can prolong the treatment and make the condition worse.
  • Some changes in your lifestyle can help get rid of black or dark lips. One should avoid excessive smoking, drinking caffeinated drinks or consuming unhealthy food. Also, frequent biting of lips should be avoided at any cost. It is best to eat healthy food in order to develop strong immunity against diseases. M
  • Proper care of lips should be taken by applying moisturizer and keeping them soft all the time.
  • Drinking water on frequent intervals can also keep the lips hydrated. Dry lips enhance discoloration of lips, thus making them darker.
  • Apply a mixture of lemon juice and honey on the lips as lemon is a good bleaching agent and can surely lighten the color of lips.

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