What Causes Facial Moles And Know The Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Moles On Face

Moles on face have been long associated with different meanings and symbolism. At one point of time, facial moles were considered as the hideous growths which had association with the evil.

But in traditional Chinese culture, moles on face are respected and at times also used for reading the face. These moles can be good or bad but it depends on an individual.


Moles On Face

  • Also called as melanocytic nevus.
  • These are made of melanocyte.
  • High concentration of melanin can make the mole appear darker.
  • Moles may also become dark after exposure to sun or during pregnancy and puberty.
  • They can be congenital or even acquired.
  • Moles which are acquired are just harmless and generally a kind of benign neoplasm.
  • On the other hand, congenital moles can put a person at the risk of developing melanoma.
  • There are numerous kinds of moles, and the most common ones are raised moles, skin tags, and flat moles.
  • Moles that are benign have a circular or oval shape; they aren’t really large but can be dark or have coarse hair.
  • Now there are a number of ways to get rid of moles on the face.
  • There are even a lot of reasons for formation of moles and why some people are just born with them.

Causes Of Moles On Face

Moles on face can develop because of three major reasons and they are:

  1. Genetics:
  • One of the major reasons for moles on an individual is genes.
  • A person can experience lots of moles on the body when suffering from hereditary conditions like dysplastic nevi.
  • Such moles can put an individual at a major risk of developing melanoma.


  1. Skin Growth
  • At times moles can develop when cells present in the skin grow and spread.


  1. Sunlight
  • Premature skin ageing can be attributed to exposure to harmful UV radiations.
  • Melanoma can be caused due to skin damage.
  • Acquired moles can become more prominent in people who have overexposure to UV rays.

Get Rid Of Moles On Face: Treatment

It is possible to remove moles on the face using medical or dermatological methods. There are a few conservative treatments for removing moles at home. However, before you take any step to remove moles, you must get them checked by a physician.

Medical treatment:

One of the most common methods to remove moles on face is through biopsy. In this case, the doctor would take off a sample of small tissue of mole for further study.

Then one can also get the moles surgically removed through a dermatologist. If the mole is benign then the dermatologist can cut through the mole. And in case the mole is cancerous, the dermatologist can remove the mole.

Topic treatment:

  • Products used as topical treatment consist of harsh chemicals in order to remove moles.
  • Also these products can be bought over the counter.

Home Remedies:

  • Apple cider vinegar: Use hot water to wash the moles at least 6-7 times and when dry, rub apple cider vinegar for some time. Afterwards cool down the area with water.
  • Cauliflower juice: Use a blender to make cauliflower juice for applying on the mole.
  • Fig stern juice: Use fig stern to apply on the moles.
  • Garlic paste: After applying garlic paste on the mole, cover it with a bandage.
  • Honey: Apply honey on the mole.
  • Fresh Pineapple Juice: Apply it on the mole.
  • Castor Oil: For some days, rub castor oil on the mole.

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