What is Calcified Bruise? – Treatment of Calcified Hematoma

Bruise is a medical condition which occurs when blood collects at a particular site. It is caused by an injury.

Such an injury can severe the blood vessel, leading to extravasation of the blood which is the primary cause of bruise otherwise known as hematoma. Most times, the hematoma goes away naturally, with the extravasated blood absorbed. However, in extreme cases, calcium and some categories of salt can find their way into the hematoma. The result of this is calcified bruise. Calcified Bruise can be treated as follows:

Calcification of a bruise

Hematoma is often caused by an injury. Such an injury can damage the blood vessels passing through the affected site, causing internal bleeding. The internal bleeding in turn causes blood to accumulate over the interstitial spaces. Depending on the severity of the internal bleeding, affected individuals suffer varying degree of pain. Normally, the body will absorb the bled blood, leading to the natural healing of the bruise.

But there are cases when the sufferer experiences clumping and accumulation of calcium phosphate in his or her body tissues. This condition is known as calcinosis.

Though calcinosis comes in different forms, dystrophic calcination happens to be the commonest. An individual suffering from this condition will experience deposition and accumulation of calcium deposits in the affected tissues.

Treatment options for Calcified Hematoma

Below are some home remedies that can be used for the treatment of calcified bruise.

  • Place ice packs over the affected site. You will have to temporarily immobilize the affected area as doing so would help speed up recovery.
  • Minimize the amount of calcium you consume if you are susceptible to calcified bruise. This is not to say you should completely avoid calcium foods. Stay away from the intake of calcium supplements.
  • Rhuta, Bryonian Alba and Rhus Tox which are all homeopathic treatment, are effective in the treatment of bruises. They inhibit calcification by stimulating the body to quickly absorb the extravagated fluid.

If after treating with these natural remedies and the pain fails to subside, please consult a doctor. Below are some other techniques used in dissolving calcified bruise and healing of affected site.

  • Use of cortisone injections. They are effective in dissolving calcified bruises.
  • Certain exercises are effective in relieving stiffened joints. These movement exercises have also proven effective in reducing calcium deposit, improving mobility.
  • If the hematoma case is a severe one, invasive surgery which involves making small incisions to the skin, may be needed to eliminate the calcium deposit. However, this technique isn’t very effective as new calcium deposit may form again around the affected site.

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