What Makes My Eyebrow Twitch And How To Stop It?

You must have experienced eyebrow twitching at some point of time in your life. It is a pretty common problem that occurs involuntarily. Such spasms can happen without any prior indications around the eyebrows.

However, the twitching generally doesn’t last for too long and is mild in nature. But in some cases, twitching can occur constantly and a person may feel such sensation for prolonged period of time.

Twitching sensation around the eyebrow is an occasional occurrence and is usually not serious, but it is an annoying involuntary condition which may hamper your day-to-day activities. The fact is, there isn’t any particular reason one can single out for the eyebrow twitching. However, as per common assumptions, such contractions are a result of signals sent to the nerves by the brain.


Common Causes Of Eyebrow Twitching

One can single out a lot many reasons for twitching of eyebrows as well as the eyelid. While some serious might not be that somber and would go away as soon as they appear; but in case the twitching carries over for a longer period, say a week, then you must not take it lightly and find out the causative factor.

One of the prime factors leading to such a condition can be fatigue or tiredness. Spasm of muscles in the area near the eye due to fatigued condition or lack of sleep or strain can be a possible reason for eyebrow twitching. When you are stressed or completely drained, the muscles can become weak. Nonetheless, such condition can be healed easily in the course of time by taking time off from the busy schedule. Sleep can be the best antidote to such a problem.

Another possible reason for eyebrow twitching can be dehydration i.e. loss of water content from the body. In order to function properly, water and electrolytes are needed for efficient functioning of muscles. So, loss of fluid can lead to spasm.

Lastly, stress can also lead to fatigue. So, one may have to reduce stress in order to become active and keep away such involuntary sensations. In case your problem is chronic, you must find out the reason behind such problem and find a treatment to it. To relieve stress, one can practice yoga or meditation.

Why My Eyebrow Twitches?

Mostly, deficiency of a few common minerals like magnesium or calcium can end up causing twitching. The major impact would be in the eyebrows or eyelids. Therefore, one should eat foods with higher calcium content e.g. milk, curd, fish, baked beans, as well as peas. You should also consume magnesium rich foods including rich, pumpkin, watermelon seeds, wheat, sunflower seeds, as well as oats.

Other than this, excess consumption of coffee, alcohol, or such stimulating drinks can end up causing muscle spasm around eyebrows. So, if you are experiencing any such problem, limit your consumption of all such food products and beverages.

One can also experience twitching due to certain medical problems such as Hypothyroidism, sinusitis, anemia, influenza, food poisoning, and alike.

How To Stop Eyebrow Twitching?

A twitching eyebrow can be an indication of a more serious underlying ailment; though it isn’t that serious problem in itself.

  • There isn’t any particular treatment for the problem, but a few home remedies can be of great help. One of the best methods would be gently massaging the area to regulate the blood circulation and reduce twitching.
  • Hot and cold compresses can also help improve the condition. So, go for a hot water shower if you want to reduce the sensations.
  • An eight hour sleep can be perfect solution.
  • Keep taking breaks between your work hours to prevent such a problem.

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