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Popped Blood Vessels In Fingers

An injury in the hand or trauma such as getting bumped into something consciously or even accidentally can cause the blood vessels of fingers to pop open, thus leading to popped blood vessels in hands. Now if a person breaks a wooden item using his hands, the force for blowing the wooden article can cause a major impact on the fingers of a person. Just like the blood vessels of any other body part get healed on their own after rupturing, even the blood vessels of fingers heal on their own, most commonly in two weeks.

Popped Blood Vessels In Hands

When a clot gets developed in the blood vessels of hand, it can lead to popped blood vessels. This blood clot can obstruct the flow of blood as well as hinder the flow, thus leading to the bulging of arteries. The fast flow of blood because of an increased pressure can cause weakening of blood vessels, thus causing the arteries to burst out. One can see blood leakage from the blood vessels.

There can be numerous reasons leading to such a condition, including a bump of hand into something hard, malnutrition, use of hand for breaking a hard article, bruises caused due to ageing, or even high blood pressure.

When a blood vessel pops out, there are a lot of signs as well as symptoms associated with the same, like swelling, pain, or even a dark reddish appearance.

How To Treat Popped Blood Vessels In Hands

More than often, the popped blood vessel isn’t damaging and quite insignificant. Such a condition heals down well in a week or two. But in case the problem is associated with bleeding, pain, or swelling, there are a few home remedies which can be considered for the treatment.

  • Apply ice on the affected hand after lifting it above the heart level. It would be best to not move the hand too much if you want the injury to heal in time.
  • Warm compresses can be applied after 24 hours on the damaged site so that healing becomes easier and circulation is better.
  • Initially, you can also apply a clean cloth over the affected area and keep applying pressure every 10 minutes.
  • Vitamin K lotion can be used over the bruised area.
  • In order to treat the blood clotting faster, a person can seek advice and medications from a good doctor.

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